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We only need God!

When the deceiver speaks to us, he cannot give peace. How often do we struggle with our thoughts? If a thought does not give you peace, it is not from God! When we try to solve things by reasoning, we cannot find peace. Romans 8:6 says, “The mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Holy Spirit is life and peace.” This is why we need to fill our lives with the Holy Spirit.

It is a new year, and there are many decisions to make. You can only make decisions if you have the peace of God in your soul and heart. Always remember to wait for peace before you make a move. This will help you to be in the right timing for everything in your life. Remember, not your time, but God’s time. If you continue to walk in the flesh, you will depend on your own strength. But if you wait upon the Spirit of God to lead you, you will depend on God, and then receive peace. Do not move on your emotions, they are so unreliable. Woman can tell you all about emotions! There was a day in my life when God asked me, “Retha, are you going to be ruled by your emotions or are you willing to be ruled by the word of God?”

You can only trust the Word of God, because it is life and a light onto your path.

Let your emotions subside, and then decide!! Peace is the true confirmation that you are hearing from God. Wait for this gift called “Peace.” It is there for you and me!

Tinus (my husband) and I are going with other “Living ball” team members to Rwanda in Africa January 23. What a privilege to go there and preach the gospel! We always think that we visit them to serve and to give, but they usually end up ministering to us. They have lost everything to gain everything. The soil was soaked with blood, but now they have life! THEY HAVE NOTHING BUT GOD! That is why they have love, peace, humbleness and joy to give. The children have NOTHING materialistic, but they have love, they have Jesus! They are so hungry for Jesus Christ. By giving them the “Living ball” soccer ball with the four colours, we teach them the full gospel. The pastors attend a conference to be equipped for teaching the gospel of Jesus. I will also be giving my testimony about how Jesus is truly still the same God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. After the holocaust, these people have truly experienced the fact that Jesus is still alive. Some people will walk 600km to attend the conference, refusing to miss it! When the people in Africa begin to worship, the heavens open up! O, how little do we need to be happy? We only need God.

We will end our visit with a tour of the gorillas! Gorillas in the mist, in Africa.

God said to me that this message would go around the world. He is so faithful to His word. You can trust God.

Tomorrow is a big day in our lives. Our little Josh is going to school! Aldo anointed him tonight, and the tears ran freely.

Thank you for Your grace, Jesus. I love You my KING.

Keep walking in the Spirit! Retha

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