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The Glory of God

Since I came back from Asia, my life has changed. Jesus took me to the throne room for two nights last week. He came and took me in the night. It has been a while now that I knew it was coming. Jesus said to me, “I will show you what Aldo sees.” I do not have words to describe it all. I was in His presence for two nights. My whole being felt as if it was going to explode if I kept on looking at the radiance of His glory. I had an excitement that I cannot describe. Everything in life just seemed so small - NOTHING.

How could I be worried about my husband, children, finances, ministry or anything else? How could I worry about anything!!!!!!? Please forgive me Lord. This life seems so insignificant – it is NOTHING compared to Your glory! The intensity of His presence makes me realize that I am nothing without Him. It is only LOVE that flows from the Throne and I felt like drowning in His love. I understand more and more that it is all about LOVE!

Aldo keeps on saying, “Mommy, He is Holy”, but my human mind could not grasp the fullness of the term. In one second I fell flat before His feet, all because off His Holiness, and the reverent fear for the King. The light was so bright I could not see anything. I am not sure if any man can ever look at Him; He is just too Holy and bright. The light does not come from outside, but shines from the inside out. When I was in the Throne room, I heard an angel saying, “It is time for you to see the things that Aldo sees.” I heard a pure voice saying, “A lot of people claim to know Me because they go to church. Yet, their life does not show it. Their lives are full of sexual sin. They lust with their eyes, sin with their minds and lie with their tongues. They have false motives, and are self-centered. Their idols, their bodies and their lives are all about themselves, yet they claim to know Me.”

People need to come with a broken heart, and change their nature. Remember what the angel came to tell you on earth, “Change is here!” People want to live two lives. CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE…..NOW!!!!!

The next moment I heard myself shouting, “Aldo! Help, Aldo!” As I opened my eyes, he had an epileptic attack. I prayed calmly, asking God to take control. We helped him, and he went to sleep. My spirit was calm and I sat in awe. What happened to me???

Usually after an epileptic attack Aldo cannot walk, or talk because of the effect the attack has on his body. The next morning he stood up and started to dance before the Lord! He was shaking his body to the left and right while singing, “For He is good, For He is good.” The attack had no effect on him whatsoever! Later he wrote a letter saying, “Mommy, Jesus was with me last night while I was sick”

Praise the Lord! He is alive! Retha

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