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Praise Jesus!

I was working in my study when Aldo, red in the face, came in from outside. He was covered in distils and dust because he walked through the open field outside our house. “What happened to you, Aldo?” “Mom, I walked through the field. I wanted to go and visit a lady friend of mine.” She used to be his friend before the accident, but now she has her own life and never comes to visit him anymore. He so badly wants to see her again, and I do not know how to tell him that she does not want to see him. He struggled through the field because he wanted to visit her. We have to help him when he walks, and that is why he struggled so much. He attempted this all on his own. His face was full of cuts and his clothes full of distils. I sent him to his room to take a shower. I am so glad I did not argue with him about what he did.

The next moment Josh called us, “Help mommy, Aldo is busy dying!” I ran, and saw him having a very bad epileptic attack. This was the first attack in 5 weeks. The trauma of not having a normal life with friends is sometimes too much for him. The beauty off this incident is written in the letter that he wrote the next morning. He is scared that he will not get a wife one day. I know now I have to pray for that fear to be broken. Later that night a second attack came.

Sometimes it is very difficult for me, because when I pray for others, the Lord heals them instantly. Miracles happen all around me when I pray for people and I see the power of God move like never before in the services. These epileptic attacks need to stop in Jesus name! Now I have to stand in faith that God’s time will be the perfect time for Aldo’s complete healing. Please pray and trust with me that this fear will be broken completely? Please read his letter to see what I am talking about exactly. There is great power in prayer. It means we trust God and not ourselves.

My husband and I are flying out to Israel tonight. I believe the Lord invited us to his special country. I hope that I am going to have the opportunity to pray for the young Israeli boy that opened the post-box with the bomb in it. I am so sad because this happened just before we are leaving for Israel, and the kids are staying behind with my parents. Jesus answered me, “Praise Me! Praise Me! Praise Me! Praise Me out of a heart full of love. PRAISE ME FOR THE GOOD AND FOR THE BAD! Yes, praise Me when the most difficult thing to do is praise. Praising Me is the victory that overcomes the world and all the challenges out there. Even your faith; your praise is the voice of faith. It is faith rejoicing for victories claimed in advance. Your songs of praise are made of the very fabric of the things we hope. It becomes evidence of the unseen things. It is raw material in your hands, which you can use to fashion your victories. Give it all to Me, Retha. Give it everyday! I DWELL IN THE MIDST OF YOUR PRAISES! I dwell there because I am happy there. It will make the enemy unhappy to hear you praise me when circumstances tell you to be quiet and turn away in fear. He has no power whatsoever over your songs of praise. Worship is the most powerful weapon you can use my child. Please use it! Praise Me even though it is difficult to praise because of your circumstances. Praise is like a two edged sword, the one side brings healing to your own spirit, and the other side cuts down the enemy and his plans! I love you and I am in control of Aldo’s life. Trust Me, go, and do what I called You to do. Go and build My house, I will build yours. Your Father. “

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