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A message from our Father:

“Incline your heart to Me, and tune your ear to My voice. You are running around in this world looking at people, and you are getting more and more nervous, because of what you see my child. The world and its people cannot give you what I have in store for you. I want you to come closer to Me. This message is from Me.

Do not establish your own designs and desires of your heart! I have already set in motion My divine will and purpose for your life. I will not let anything or anyone interfere. I am a jealous God, and you are My child. Not even your own plans, only My plans for your life. Sometimes you think you know what makes you happy, but only My fullness contains real joy! No one will intrude in any way. Nothing in any way will hinder my plans from being fulfilled. I see you running around trying to do many things My child. Only that which I direct you to do can have My blessing upon it. That is why you keep on asking Me why things are not working out. It is because those plans are not born out of My will and My heart, but out of your own fleshly desires. Sometimes even relationships fail, because you use them for your own desires and not for My desires.

MY DESIRE IS THAT EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL BRING ME GLORY! Resign EVERYTHING into My hands. I want you to stand empty handed. Put your loved ones as well as yourself in My hands now! Be obedient to the small Voice. Your own flesh is speaking loud, your thoughts are speaking even louder, but you have to wait on Me, and listen to My voice. I want you to go into a new direction. Are you willing? It is only with empty hands that you can go. I will show you wisdom and glory in this time to come. Do not fear your carnal desires and needs, but always remember to first seek and run after My Spiritual values. You will be judged according to My word. Stay in My word.

My promise to you is that when you seek the Kingdom of God first, I will add all other needful things as well. You shall be victorious to the degree that you trusted Me. I shall meet you at every point where you put action alongside your prayers. Faith without works is dead. As you keep on walking, the waters of stress and adversity will part before you. Do not stand in the circle of constant complainers, but separate yourself from them! They are full of themselves, and not willing to die. Now is the time to separate you for Me! I want to teach you all about Myself. Remember no problem is too hard for Me; never be taken by surprise when I want you to change your direction. When I speak, you need to listen to My voice.

Do not judge a man by what you see, but see him as what he can be if he surrenders his life to me. Now…pray for that man! My dear child…without Holiness, no man shall see God. My path is straight, and very narrow. If you watch me, you will find them. Put your focus on Me, not on the world, otherwise you will miss My path. Rest in Me. I shall bring to pass My perfect will in your life, as you believe and live in faith. Move forward with courage and confidence, but always allow Me to walk ahead, and choose the right path for you. I love you my child, and I have the best in store for you. Come, I can see you are broken, please come. I want to hold you and take care of you. Your Father ABBA FATHER.”

Thank you Father! I choose to stay full of faith, and completely controlled by the Holy Spirit. Retha

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