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Unconditional love

It is a very warm afternoon and I urgently need water. I’m telling myself... “I’m so thirsty!” The first thing that I must do to quench my first, is to look for water. As I walk, God’s Spirit talks to me..

“Retha, I am the fountain of Living water, people’s spiritual thirst is greater than their physical life thirst.”

So much woman come to me for guidance, and their husbands cannot quench their thirst. It is never because of their husband’s poor work perfomance or failure, but because one person was never meant to quench the other!!

Only when you discover the fountain of life, you don’t seek fullfilment in people or circumstances anymore. Having said that, I’m not interpreting that marriages are not there to cherish and to protect each other. I just want you to realize that the fountain of LOVE is INSIDE YOU!

People always want to evaluate the history with regard to a problem, and are always looking for the problem in others. Let us have a look at ourselves for a change and the fountain within us. What is emanating from it... fresh or brackish water?

NOW is the time to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is what God asks from us... can you love unconditionally? Because that is exactly the way He loves us. God asks if you can love your husband or wife unconditionally. I know what God means, because I am a mother that prays for a woman who will love my imperfect son perfectly. The challenge is also there for me... Retha, love your husband unconditionally.

Thank you Father for loving us first: “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I already knew you” Jer 1:5

You gave us the example of love. I praise you for it. We want to become less, so that You can become more.

Greetings Retha

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