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Think positive

Ef 5:20: “At all times and for everything giving thanks to the Lord.“

It is so easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking and speaking. I see it every day where I move, everyone is very quick to share the negative with you. The problems in life, disappointments and broken relationships let the people’s spirit dry out. It is not often that I see a JOYFULL HEART!

The Holy Spirit of God is never negative in any situation His silence during our groaning shows us that He is not very happy with the way we act. We must become more sensitive for the Holy Spirit within us. When I feel a movement and stiring in my spirit, I know the Lord is satisfied and happy with me But when there is a dead silence within me, I start to investigate... and normally it was something I did or said that did not please the Spirit. And I can rectify it immediately.

The Word says: The Joy of the Lord is my strenght! Satan wants to see us broken and without any joy. One of the best ways is to move the Spirit within you is to bring a praise offer to God. Remember if you do not want to do it, the stones will shout it out.

Aldo has already undergone two eye operations, and everything is well. After he fell over Josh’s toys early Tuesday morning, his hands are still too slow to mitigate his fall, ..... he landed with his head straight on the tiles. It is just blood everywhere you look, because a head injury bleeds MORE that any other injury. I ran away when I saw all the blood and realised that I had to return quickly. There I found Josh, holding his tiny hand on Aldo’s forehead to close the wound. His tiny hand and Aldo’s whole face were full of blood. I don’t even see the wound, with a loud call....”God, please help me”, I got the strength to face the blood and help them. Five stitches later he returned to school. That afternoon they removed the stitches from his eyelid. And just above his eye on his head the five new stitches.

But I am so grateful. His head is full of bumps of all the falls. That evening we sat around the table and Aldo says:... “Father, please pray for a wife for me that would like me just as I am, even if I fall”. Oh no Aldo, surely you will never keep on falling. You will run! Josh turned five this week, and believe me he is every grown up for his five years. The circumstances has taught him so much. He will do anything for Aldo and they love each other so much. Do they quarrel? For sure... We are just a normal family with lots of challenges. But we learnt where our strength lies.

Yes, the joy of the Lord is my strenght.

Aldo is in the new issue of the Finesse magazine of October. There you can see how far he has recovered already.

Father, I praise you that NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING will separate us from the LOVE of Christ!

After a very busy programme our family is going to St Francis bay for a week. We are all looking forward to the peace and quiet. Peace to all and enjoy God’s Spirit and presence every day.


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