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No quitter

I came to a breather after a busy year, and I know we all feel this way..... what a busy year! I am already at the beach with my kidds, and waiting for Tinus to fly in on the 17th of December. The alone time with them is very precious to me. After the first day of rest, I started to fall very ill, it feels like withdrawal symptoms. I only have one place to go for help... “Lord, please help me”, 2 day’s fast, prayer and lying all day, God talks to me...”Retha, one sip of My love heals a tired body, one sip of My love sooths a thirsty throat, one sip of My love softens the hardest hart..... My child, come and take a big swallow of My love, your body is just very tired.”

I just rolled out off the bed and started to praise God in the Spirit, I see the moon over the sea, I opened the window and inhaled the love and peace. Big swallows of My love Retha, big swallows! Then you will also have a lot to give! After 2 days of being very ill, I rose with a fresh anointment this morning. Aldo and Josh sleeps with me in the bed until Tinus’ arrival, and I woke them to wrestle. “Wow”, says Aldo.... “God listened, I asked Him very nicely to heal you.”

Ef 5:2 ...”Life in love, like Christ also loved us, and because of us gave His life as a offering of oblation, yes an offer that was acceptable to God”.

My year ended on a very high note. I have seen God’s power manifest at a crusade while I was abroad. And I know, that I know what I know, that it is the Living church!

I cried with God and said, “Father, I want to serve in Your power, not just talk!!!!!” “Retha, the presence of the Holy Spirit leads us to live in the power of ANOINTING.....IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE OF OBEDIENCE!” What is the price? To be one with Jesus. That is they key, to be one with Jesus the whole time, continuously every moment! When we realize what the anointing of the Wholy Spirit have in store for us, we will experience the depth, rich reality of His precious touch, and we will NEVER be the same again. God, please don’t ever take Your anointing from me. I would rather die than to face the future without your touch on my life. The key is to ask...”Come, Holy Spirit”, the chaos and confusion of life in the world cease. Darkness turns to light. Our empty hearts are filled, and ears are opened to hear the voice of the Father. Remember... only when you abandon self, totally emptying yourself, you can be filled with GOD’s PRESENCE.

Every New Years Eve, there is a 8 km memorial race in Cape Town, next to the ocean. This year, before the accident, Aldo outrun me just before the end...”Nice Mam!”, he shouts and sprints to the end. It was a great victory for him. The December after the accident, our athleet sat in a wheelchair and could not speak. Neither me nor Tinus had the power to even excercise in front of him. One day he wrote, “You must start excercising, bacause you will have to push me in the 8 km race, and I don’t like to lose!” There were tears, streams of tears, but we ran the race with him in the wheelchair for two consecutive years. This year he stated clearly that he is going to walk the 8 km, and that meant we had to hold him on the one side of his arm so that he could walk alone.

Thus the long walks on the beach every morning. He falls every 10 steps or so on the wet sand, but he just gets up again, wipe the sand off and continues. The more tired he gets, the more skewer he walks and his litlle body goes all round. I walk bravely with, to support, but I also realize, every step is to DIE IN MYSELF! That cloack of humbleness. Thank you Jesus, I am surrounded tightly and kept warm by the cloack of humbleness. I see people stop and stare, why would it be? Are they also just as grateful that their children can kick a ball on the beach, or do they gape over a child that tries, even it means falling down and getting up again?

Thank you for the big sunglasses that hides the tears, a hat that ensures that nobody recognizes me. Aldo writes this morning, like every other morning in his diary.... “You must go and tell the world that Jesus lives, God was very loving and Jesus sat next to Him” “As I heal, I will also spread His Word”.

It is such encouraging words, God is so full of love, and that is why we can call Him ABBA FATHER! When we say we have faith, we must also be able to say “I sit back in God’s loving arms and I do not worry, not about time, not about the situation...... GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!

Do you seek oneness with, or do you seek His blessings? Search your heart. Praise to the God in the highest heavenl!

Peace to all and enjoy the break and precious time with your children.


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