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On route with God

The kids and I are now a week at the beach and I can feel that I am starting to relax. No desire for any excercise at all! Still sitting and gazing towards the sea. One cannot help onself, but after a year, one looks back upon it and ponder about it. I can only summarize my year as “On route with God.”

Many falls, getting up again, sometimes briskly walking, sometimes running, and sometimes lying flat with arms in the air... “please pick me up Father!”

I learned expensive lessons this year:

  1. One is that I am very naive with regard to this thief that is here to slaughter, to steal and to destroy. I always thought, if I leave him alone, he will leave me alone. Little did I know, the closer I move to God, the more he will target me!

  2. I have come to the believe that nothing is more tragic than to live, but not to enjoy life. Every day, despite my circumstances. Take a willful decision to enjoy life. Deut 30:19...”Then choose life, so that you can live.....” With Aldo I realized that there is a beginning phase, middel phase, etc. Daily I praise God that we are in the beginning phase... now for each phase, sometimes difficult, I still say thank you, we are already through the worst. Things can only go better. I believe in speaking Life. I believe it is better to enjoy every phase of your life for 40 years, than to turn 100 and to complain about everything and not really enjoy anything. It makes me scared if I think how my life was before the accident.... nothing was ever good enough for me. Now, I am very gratefull for the falling and rising walks together with Aldo on the beach, and Josh who races ahead, shouting to us.

  3. A willful decision can change everything! We will never enjoy life fully if we do not make a quality decision. Satan is a specilized thief, and our joy is his best.... Neh 8:10... “The joy of the Lord is our shelter.” When our joy is gone, we become weak. Weak believers is no threat to him. It is God’s will that we enjoy life.... please choose it, even if it requires that you die.

  4. Regret and sorrow. I myself must work so hard not to look back and get caught up in the past. There is only one thing that one can do with the past, and that is to forget it!!!!!! When we make a mistake, which happens to everyone, all that we should do is to ask God for forgiveness and then to continue with our life. Like Paul... strive to perfection, however now one has achieved it yet. Give God a chance to get involved in your situation, don’t give up.

  5. Go on believing. Doubt is something that creaps up behind us and then grabs us even before we can realize it. Believers is supposed to believe...... it is so simple as believing..... that my situation is IN GOD’s HANDS. What more can I ask? Be positive, speak life. Without a believing heart, it is difficult to enjoy the rest of the journey of believe.

  6. To live in freedom. To enjoy life, we have to life in freedom, and we also have to allow other people to live in freedom. The hardest work one can do is to try and change everyone around you to be like you. Be free to be yourself and don’t make it your missioin to change people according to you....... Love others just as they are......... Live and let live, then follow your own happiness.

  7. Words is life and seed. God has a devine plan with our lives. We must bring our mouth in accordance with it. Words are seeds. What we speak is the seed that we sow. And what we sow, we shall reap. “An amazing future is waiting for me, God has a plan with my life and there is so much hope for me. God is on my side. It does not matter how many disappointments I had, this is a new day... and goodness and favour will be my part”.

Since I always was someone who liked to win, I am also determined not only to complete the race, but to do it with joy! I pray that you also feel the same way about it. Whatever your situation, where ever you must go... enjoy the journey. Don’t waste one day of the precious life that God gave to you. Rejoice you always in the Lord, I repeat...rejoice you!!!!! Our family decided to do the 8km race again this year on New Years Eve. And where I am sitting and writing on the computer, Aldo is going up and down the passage, exercising. This time of the evening he is off balance and falls a lot. I hear him falling a lot of times, followed by a short silence..... just to get up and doing it all over again. This is exactly how life is, the important thing is just that I get up again. We are looking forward to Tinus who will be arriving on Friday when we, as a family, can be together again.

May you also experience a peacefull break.


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