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The Power of God

I see how God’s Power moves like never before. People receive their healings and they are being set free. Since I came back from Asia, the power of God has ruled in every service.

Unconditional submission and obedience to God’s power in your life is the key to be clothed with that power. God gives His spirit to the obedient. Power belongs to God and remains His forever. You cannot control that. If you want His power to work in you, you have to bow before the Holy presence that dwells in you. He asks you to surrender to His guidance even in the smallest of things – yes in all. We need to walk in humble and holy fear. Not in your own will, but in God’s will. Let the Holy Spirit possess you, then you will see how His power works through you. God is seeking men and woman whom He can clothe with His power. He is looking for men and woman with faith. Can God trust you to be His hands and feet? Can God trust you? Do you have faith in the God of the supernatural?

There are millions perishing and crying for deliverance, and the Power of God is waiting to deliver them. Give yourself wholly and undivided to be a faithful witness for Jesus. Believe that His Holy Spirit is within you to reach a dying world. His power works through our weaknesses. You just need faith! It is His power, not yours! If you say to me, “Retha, I am weak” then God says, “Let the weak say, I am strong.” Walk in His power, not yours.

Why are we so impatient? To have a harvest, you have to sow seed in the supernatural to harvest in the natural. Speak life, to receive life! One thing I have learnt after our accident is to have patience! I can do nothing else but pray, keep my faith, speak life and trust God. People love to ask me how long I will keep my faith. “Forever” I answer them. “Because Jesus is all I have and He is no man that He can lie.” How about you? Will you trust Him with your life?

Many people speak to me about their bad situations. God once said to me, "People can have what they say, but they say what they have.” Start speaking life! This is how you sow in the supernatural. I see how Aldo moves in the supernatural, not the natural. God’s ways are not our ways. Therefore, I do not look around anymore to see what our children are doing. No, I choose to trust God unconditionally for their future! I no longer give God rules on how I want my son, I now just trust Him completely.

We are body, soul and spirit. I cried to the Lord, “Please Lord, let Aldo’s body, soul and spirit come in line with Your Word!” He answered, “What about yours Retha?” We think that someone with head injuries is the only one out of line. No! What about ours? My Father, I want to submit my whole being to your Holy Power, your Holy Spirit. I humble myself to obey your commands. Father let your power rule in me, so that I may be fit for Your use. There is only one big goal in my life: THAT YOUR SON MAY RECEIVE ALL THE HONOUR AND THE GLORY!

Keep your faith Retha

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