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Faith and obedience

“In your spirit is a purpose to do that which is My will for your life. Please My child, be firm and do the things I have placed in your heart to do. Do not look to the left or the right, only focus on Me. Always remember not to permit today’s obstacles to block out the vision I gave you yesterday. You can only go through the "rough of life" if you have My purpose in your spirit. Don’t let anything keep you from fulfilling that which I have placed in your spirit to do.”

God wants us to realize how often we follow our own ways, and disobey His ways. When you come to the end of your own way, you will see the beginning of God’s way. We will never be able to enter into God’s vision for our lives until we are free from our own ideas and our own ways of thinking. God has a better plan for your life than you can ever have for yourself. This plan for our life can only manifest when we throw down our swords and give Him all the authority in our lives. Many times, the road we are on looks good, but the end of it is death. You need to be on God’s road! To enter God’s road you need to repent of all your wicked ways. Repentance means to turn your back on the old road and your old ways. It is only by the goodness of God that people repent. Please repent, turn your back on your old life and let Jesus take control over your life! Only then will you be able to receive the abundant life He has planned for you.

Aldo keeps on writing, “Mommy, you need to be Holy. God says that faith and obedience makes Him happy. I know you want to make Him happy. Please be Holy mom.” The only way we can be Holy, is to be one with God.

God is using Aldo supernaturally through his writing. He is a 16-year-old boy whose body, soul and spirit are not yet in line with God’s Word. He speaks slow, walks with difficulty, and sometimes acts differently than we would. I am amazed at the goodness of God. God can also use us even though our body, soul and spirit are not yet perfectly in line with His Word. God only requires a willing heart, the rest He will do Himself. Are you willing to turn your back on your ways and surrender to the will of God?

Father, I pray in Jesus name that You will please help us to bring our body, soul and spirits in line with Your Word. We want to embrace Your vision for our lives and not our own.

I see God doing mighty things in the places where I speak! In Hazyview, a woman testified of receiving gold on her hands during the meeting. Others have testified of seeing and speaking to Jesus while they were slain in the Spirit. I asked God why there were sometimes more miracles and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in some places than others. “Do not be distressed if you see greater miracles of faith take place in some places more than others. I will perform My works in ways to fit certain times and needs. I did special miracles by the hand of Paul because of many reasons. As I send you forth from nation to nation, you will see My power working on your behalf to do special miracles in some places more than others. Expect it. It is My time of visitation on your life and your ministry, and on those whom I send you to.”

It is so important for us to nurture and grow in the faith God has given to us. Faith is a key to releasing the miracle working power of God! Even in Jesus' ministry, the lack of faith and pride in the hearts of the people hindered them to receive their miracles that Jesus wanted so desperately to give them freely. “And He could there do no mighty work, save that He laid His hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief. And He went round about the villages teaching..." Mark 6: 5-6

Thank you Jesus, all the Glory belongs to You alone!

Keep your faith Retha

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