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I have been living by faith for three years now and learnt a lot about it, but still every once in a while I suffer a setback. Last week we ran into very unexpected circumstances.

Aldo had a bad setback which is what the devil wants, but God has another plan. His plan is to help those who trust in Him.

As I was leaving for the airport at 04h30 that morning, Aldo had his last attack. For me it was so difficult to leave him, but I remembered that I had a choice: I could choose to trust God or to stay in fear. I trusted God and left them behind, because God called me to do His work and trust Him alone.

The next day Aldo could not speak or walk. We thought we were back at the beginning, but God spoke to me: "I said, I will not leave you nor forsake you! He is in My hands!"

Remember, there are setbacks in the spirit as well as in the body and they are just temporary. You may have lost a battle, but you are not going to lose the war.

We have to get up and go again! I will not surrender!

“Lord, I trust You!” This was all I said while speaking at women’s conferences on Thursday. By Jesus’ stripes Aldo is healed, by Jesus’ stripes Aldo is healed!

We have to get more wisdom in the spirit realm. Ask God for more wisdom. Sometimes temporary setbacks cause us to seek more knowledge from God. I refuse to be knocked out of this game! After all, it is not over until it is over! Just be steadfast in your faith and the victory is guaranteed.

As I returned home from Cape Town, Aldo waited for me at the front door. What a surprise! HE WALKED AGAIN AND TALKED AGAIN! The victory belongs to the Lord. Yes, his face is full of cuts and bruises, but how faithful is our God!

Aldo asked me, "Why did you cry? Jesus was with me the whole time. We talked about His Word."

Are you willing to trust God or the situation?

1 Pet. 5:9 "Withstand the devil, be firm in faith... After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace ... will complete and make you what you ought to be, established and ground securely, and strengthen you..."

Glory to my King!

It is not over till I put my head on His chest.



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