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Don’t look back; it will to kill you!

We all have spiritual bruises and pains. Sometimes we think that they will never go away. How do I deal with them, I am only human? We all know how to suffer from them, but not how to deal with them.

I see that some people don’t deal with the pain, and just hope that it will one day all disappear. Some people try to find their healing in alcohol, some in food, chocolates, or sleep it away. Hoping that one day it will be all gone, No, sorry to say but I have tried it all, and it is all empty.

The healing of a bruised and beaten spirit doesn’t come easy. Time often makes is worse. Instead of putting failures behind us, we often dwell on them. So they become more real to us, more real than God’s promises. I can remember so clearly the day God asked me: “Retha, are you willing to be ruled by the Word of God, Or your emotions and your situation” It took me a while to understood that God wants me to FOCUS ON HIM ALONE!

There is a way out! Get your eyes off the past, and onto your future –a future with Christ and all His promises in the word. We need to exercise our thoughts, and your mind is the battlefield where it all starts.

I talk to myself loud “Aldo, you will be loved by a wonderful wife, and she will love the Lord”

My household and I WILL serve the Lord” “I have a high calling of God in Jesus Christ, and I will press toward the mark” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Replace negative thoughts of the past with scriptural promises about your future and be diligent about it. Instead of being a wounded soldier, you will become a warrior for God.

It is so easy to say these things, but something else to do them. The best medicine for a depressing day is worship, speak the Word and focus on God!!! That is where I live, and it sometimes feel so lonely out there, because people love to dwell on the past.


TOMORROW is full of new mercies, thank you Jesus.

I am leaving Sunday for Israel (2 weeks), isn’t that wonderful! After a long year working 6/7 days per week – but what a honour to do this for God! Aldo keep on writing about Israel and Syria, and America? God is so much greater than we can ever imagine. To use a young boy to prophesy about the future.

Our first TV program, that we are going to send to TBN, is ready. Please pray with us for favour, God did say to me this word will go around the world, and I believe TV is also a way. We are walking on the water, what a great place to be.

Remember, leave the past behind, and look into Jesus’s eyes to see the future.

Be blessed


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