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It is late in the night, and summer holiday season in South Africa. We closed the ministry for the month of December, and will start working again the 7th of January 08. 1500km to drive back home this weekend. The family and I are on holiday at the West Coast of South Africa, just north of Cape Town. The nights are quiet and we have a beautiful view over the ocean.

It is the 31st of December and we as a family are just sitting on the veranda and enjoying the view over the sea. It is very quiet, also in our souls. We are enjoying the moment. Aldo sits quietly looking over the sea. "Don’t you want to go to bed Aldo?" "No thank you mom, I listen to the Holy Spirit while sitting here. And? “Mom, did you know that there is life in the blood, we need to take His blood tonight.” Normally we go to a church for the midnight service, but it is too difficult with Aldo now.

We took the blood and the bread. I can feel how my spirit gets filled with the Holy Spirit, as partaking of His blood and His flesh leads us into a deeper knowledge of God. His life invades our being as we do it. Our spirits gets saturated, it transforms our souls, and floods every cell of our body. O Lord Jesus, let this Blood invade every cell of Aldo,s body! I know the power of His resurrection is at work in his (our) life, at every level.

There is a sacrificial love that goes beyond understanding as we drink of His blood. I start to repent, forgive, to speak life, to praise, and then to worship. On my knees, I sacrifice my life; everything that I have….that is worship. I give you my life Lord! My everything. I am not here to ask, but to give!!

O Lord Jesus, my Messiah, I want to know you more, and love you with all I have. I want to be one with you this New Year, one with the King! Yes, one with Him. It is all about becoming one with Him, nothing to do with my intellect.

I pray for our eyes of understanding to be enlightened, so that we can see the riches of the glory. The only way to get it is through His flesh and His blood.

Aldo stood up and fell down because he has so little balance this time at night. We jump up and help him to bed. As we kneel down on his bed, I cry…"Thank you my Dear Lord that I can put my 15 year old boy to bed on the 31st of December. So many parents worry where their children are tonight, and what time they will be back. I know you keep him safe here with us, for a special assignment."

I know the power of the wounds of Jesus is so intense – that is the medicine that I will take for Aldo's complete healing. That is also the vitamin that I take to fulfill my busy schedule.

With the Blood of Jesus in my spirit, soul and body, I am ready to face 2008. Thank you Jesus for abundant life in you! Thank you Jesus for Calvary and Your sacrifice. I ask that everything you purchased for us will come to pass in our lives.

I am looking forward to 2008. We received a letter at the beginning of December from a publisher in America that wants to publish our book. This can only be God! Jesus did say that this message, that He is alive, will go around the world. And He is no man that He can lie.

I thought Aldo was already sleeping, but no, from his room I hear…..

“Mom, Dad, Thank you that you love Jesus.” He bend over and kiss Josh goodnight: “Josh, Jesus say I must tell you He loves you!”

Life is good when you love the King, and it is there for all of us.


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