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I just returned from Israel, and all I can say is…my life will never be the same.

The best moment, if I can pick one was the Upper room, and of course the Garden of Gethsemane. This is where Jesus was in agony, and alone. This is where He laid down His will for the will of the Father. While sitting in the garden, I was thinking about our lives, how we desire our own will, and not the Fathers. It is a place where His sweat turned into blood. Luke 22:44 “And being in anguish, He prayed more earnestly, and His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.”

In Gethsemane Jesus completely died to His own will. I felt the Holy Spirit so intense in the garden, “Retha, how about you, are you willing, even if it is so painful, to die to your own will?” Jesus also asked the Father to take his cup away if possible, because it was so painful to drink. The Father loved Him so much, and yet with great compassion He picked up the cup and gave it to Jesus, and said: drink it My Son. Only because the Father knew eternity, and He knew the plans that He had for Jesus, that He would sit at the right hand of the Father, and He also knew that the bride, the beautiful spotless bride is focusing on Jesus, because if He did not shed His blood, His bride would be Completely lost... Then Jesus took the cup, drank it and said, “Not my will but Your will” When we die to our flesh, we will also become a spirit man. I am drinking my cup, and I know God loves me, it does not matter how painful it is.

I have learned in Israel that everything is so simple, they live uncomplicated lives. Material life is not important to them. I have learned that the things that we often regard as important are of little or no value to God. Jesus had so much power, and yet He was so humble. We want to show our power, and not our humbleness. Only things of eternal value will stand, the rest……will fall away. What are you keeping your self busy with? Is the world and its riches still important to you? Do you strive to get His gifts, or His presence?

Much of the countryside is desert, yet very fruitful! The more we die to ourselves, the more our lives feels like the desert, but the more fruitful we become. The laws of the Kingdom works different than the laws of the world. We focus on our surroundings so often, we want everything in place and perfect, thinking that we would be able to worship only then. In the desert I realised that we are distracted by the THINGS of life, we only need to focus on Jesus,


Joh 4:24 “For God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and truth”

Father, thank you so much for your grace. I know now more than ever, we are grafted into His olive tree by grace, You and I have to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

The family and I are on our summer holiday, and will only be back in Gauteng on the 7th of January 2008. This is time to hear Gods heartbeat for 2008. I know Jesus wants His bride to be prepared, and even to receive a new heart. A Heart that beats to His heartbeat.

I will keep on writing through the holidays. Don’t let Jesus pass you by, don’t miss the moment. When you have time, spend it with Him. Reach out and touch Him. His presence is full of healing, full of peace, full of hope, and love. Use your holiday time in His presence. It is all about You Jesus, it is all about You! Jesus we give You praise, we give You all the Glory.


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