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Stay in the Spirit

We rejoice in the Lord God Almighty. It is going well with Aldo and all the Glory belongs to God! All the glory belongs to our Father God! Aldo says to us, “Mom, you have to stay in the Spirit.” Where is the Spirit? “It is the place mom, where you are more aware of spiritual and the heavenly things, than all the stuff around us.” I start praying, “Lord, please help me to stay there 24/7.” I pray in the spirit until I become more aware of God than the situation I face. The same goes for worshiping in the Spirit. Worship until we are more aware of God and His presence, than we are of our physical surroundings, where you are, or even the time of the day. When you are in the Spirit, you will not focus on the natural or the flesh.

The Spirit realm is the place where God dwells. When you enter into the Spirit, you will experience miracles, just as we saw in Rwanda. Now, I love to dwell in the spirit, because this is the only place where God fulfill His purposes. We can all decide if we want to be visitors or permanent residents, living in the midst of God’s presence. It is in the Spirit that you will find His glory and His power. You will find that your spirit never sleeps; it keeps on praising God at all times. For me, Aldo is the best example of someone living in the Spirit. He will drive with us in the car, yet be in the Spirit praying, worshiping and just loving God. Even his schoolwork sometimes has to wait, because if he starts praying in the Spirit, you will not get him out of there!

Last week I had the most amazing experience. Once a month we baptize people at our offices. People come from all over and Aldo baptizes them with the baptism of John. When Aldo came back from heaven, he could not speak. So, he wrote to us saying, “Jesus told me to be baptized in water.” Josh asked me the night before, “Please explain to me what that means again mommy.” After a long discussion, Josh said goodnight and went to bed. After praying and waiting on the Lord for a long time, he came out again and said, “Mommy, Jesus said I am ready. Will you baptize me tomorrow?” O thank you my Lord Jesus for your blood that cleanses us! Thank you for a new life in You. We leave the old behind, and have a new life in You. All Glory to the Living God! He is alive, and if you have never heard His voice before, please cry out to Him! His Word says, “If you seek Me, you will find Me.” Jesus loves you, and wants to speak to you. Please do not wait, go now!

We are trusting God for a television camera, to produce our own videos. Then instead of a letter once a week, we want to place a video clip on the website where I can talk to you, giving you ”A message from God” and show you Aldo and how God is using him.

Please pray with us for God’s perfect plan and time.

Keep your faith. Retha

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