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We just came back from Rwanda where I experienced life. Today I understand that we first need to die in ourselves before we can experience life in abundance.

In the Rwanda holocaust, they killed a million people in three months. We prayed with some of the survivors and saw miracles happen in front of our eyes, because the heavens were open. One church had 1500 members but only five survived. They survived because they were lying under the corpses, their family and friends for 10 days. The moment you put your foot in Rwanda, your spirit cries out to Jesus. You can feel the power of God when your foot touches the soil. We saw with our own eyes how the enemy came to kill and destroy, but we also saw how many came to accept Jesus. You can feel the peace when you walk in the streets of Rwanda. The faces of the people are reflecting peace, hope, faith, and love. These are the very same people who had experienced the killings and who lived in terror. They know they cannot rely on their own strength and that is why they all seek God and His holy fire is seen everywhere. The children in the schools are on fire for Jesus.

We went as the “Living Ball” team to distribute the Living balls to pastors and schools. The Living ball is a soccer ball in four colors. It teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple way and reminds us that the colour black represents our sins; red represents the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins, while white reminds us of the Holy Spirit. Green is a reminder that we must continually grow in Christ.

We saw children that own nothing, nothing materialistic, yet they have the fire of the Holy Spirit in them. You walk into a house with hardly any furniture, but you are not able to stand because of the power of God! I cried, because our houses in South Africa are full of designer furniture, but the power of God is lacking! People only talk about their material worldly possessions, not the power of God! We need to start seeking God. We can only serve God truly, if you have His Holy Fire. There is no passion without God’s Holy fire. Please seek and receive His Holy Spirit and His Holy Fire today. That is the only way we will be able to walk in His presence.

We started a project (Form GENOCIDE TO JESUS – PROJECT RWANDA) If you are interested in helping us, please contact me.

Thank you my Jesus, my King that I could see how the seed needs to die, before they can grow and bring forth fruit. Help me to abide in You, so I can be Your hands and feet for people in need.

Keep your faith Retha

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