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Looking through my Spiritual Eyes

The kids and I are in Yzerfontein for a couple of days. I need the space, the quietness. It is in the roaring of the sea and in the storms at night that I hear His voice....."I am in control!" Aldo fell so very, very hard today, and I took him for stitches. My heart breaks every time this happens, but I know I should not focus on Aldo , but on God. I truly believe that God will heal Aldo, in His perfect time.

When we believe in God , we empower the Holy Spirit and the angels to bring about His will. That is why we do not focus on the situation, but on faith in God.

The past couple of years, with the constant pain, brought me so very, very, close to God. And sometimes, I realize, it separates me from people. I just want to have an intimate love relationship with the Lord. Moses cemented his friendship with God when he said: "If You are not going to the promised land, I am not going either!" Moses was saying to God: "You are more important to me than any vision that I have for my life". Are you at that point? Is God more important to you than your needs????

Or are you only reaching for God’s hand and not His face? This is a key to a deeper relationship with our Father. We must desire Him for whom He is, rather than for what He can do for us. When you find people who truly love Jesus more than they love the world, you will discover a person filled with joy and in that person you will find true friendship.

There are many Christians who, without realizing it, have not heard the higher call of intimacy in their walk with God. Intimacy, is all about love, love!

I had to learn that God demands more of me than only requests. First seek the Kingdom and His righteousness .... In seeking God, we must be in love with Him. Love must be your motivation. Seeking the fire or all operates through love. God weighs the motives of the heart and these motives must be pure. For the sake of God, seek Him and seek Him earnestly above all things! The seeker is on a journey. I know I am on a journey, and there is just no shortcut.

The only way to get the fullness of life is through Jesus alone, and you must be willing to pay the price daily.


As I look at Aldo and his slow way of talking and walking, I learn so much from him. He never complains about the pain, or the difficult road. He can fall on his face at any place and worship the King. His flesh is dead, but his spirit is alive! Sometimes I wonder how he would be, if he were to have a perfect body again?

When I look at him through the eyes of my flesh, I want him perfect, but when I look through my spiritual eyes, I see a beautiful young man with a perfect spirit...healed!

Christ, His Kingdom....the way to life. (Not perfection, but Christ)

Remain blessed. Retha

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