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Life in Abundance

In June I presented day seminars in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Nelspruit entitled “Choose Life, so you can Live!” Everything in me was shouting LIFE!!!!! IN ABUNDANCE. The next moment I stood next to the hospital bed of the six year old, Ilne Meyer in Bloemfontein. I was fighting in the Spirit for her life. She was critically ill in hospital for a week already, connected to every machine possible. I thought I was ready to experience it again, but no......when I saw her, my whole body shook and I felt how a fountain of tears burst forth. Her parents were spiritually and emotionally strong. They were fighting for their child’s life in the spiritual realm, as I always believe every parent should do. Yes, if you know this Jesus and His character, you also know that He wants us to stand on His word. You don’t have to feel guilty fighting for your child’s life. Back at home again now: I am battling with the same issues we experienced after Aldo’s stay in ICU. As clients are walked in and out my office, my stress levels increased and I wanted to shout!!!!! “YOU HAVE NOTHING, BUT NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT..........WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!!!” Only when you are confronted with death first hand, then you realize how much of the selfish ‘me’ is still left in oneself. Next to your child’s bed, you die very quickly within yourself.

After every painful experience, you have the choice to remain devastated or to rise up again above your circumstances. This is where you are tested. Can you stand up and rise above your circumstances? No, not on your own, but in Jesus we receive power, wisdom and so much more. The problem is that people try to do it on their own. You sound so negative because you cannot be victorious on your own – not even over common everyday problems. Jesus’ blood paid the price so that WE CAN LIVE IN HIM AND EXPERIENCE LIFE ABUNDANTLY.

I feel obligated to present these seminars because I realize many people miss the essence of life. The cost that was paid is so high.......however, life for me and you is available in abundance, in all areas of our lives!!!!!

Every day I see the power of prayer in our lives.....plain prayer.......but prayer without doubt!. James 5:16 says: “The earnest prayer of the righteous man makes tremendous power available...” Are you still praying? Aldo often asks me “Are you still praying mommy?” ”Of course Aldo!” ”Remember: Jesus sends the angels when you pray!”

During December I cried before the Lord about Aldo’s therapy. On the beach in the evening while no one watched.... “Father, show me the way with his therapy”. Nothing dramatic, I only poured out my heart and asked for advice. During January I started phoning around and miraculously came across the appropriate people who are exactly what Aldo needs now. The University of Pretoria’s Sports Rehabilitation Centre helps Aldo by teaching him to walk again. On their Sybex machine they help him regain his strength on both sides of his body to equal extend. The speech therapist guides him in developing his vocal cords, and the Ophthalmologist assists him with his eye exercises.

What can we say? The Word says in 2 Chronicles 16:2: “For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

Aldo’s prophetic ministry is very strong but the challenge is to get his spirit, soul and body in line with God’s Word. His teenage body is developing well, but like every teenager, he has his ups and downs. In our home, at dinner each night, each of us has to share what good deeds we did or words of encouragement we spoke during the day. When it was Aldo’s turn last night, he sat very quiet for a long time. We thought he was thinking about it for a while, but no........ He made his soft funny noise which we know to be his laugh. He laughed for a long time. “What is it Aldo, what good deed did you do today?” “For a teenager doing good doesn’t come naturally, mommy!” We just laughed and Josh said: “Why do I have to do good if Aldo doesn’t have to?” I am so grateful for every normal thing he does, even if doing good doesn’t come naturally to a teenager.

Just remember you two...... the majority of people’s problems are TONGUE problems! Believe what God says about you. Think it, talk it, be it: Teach yourself to live that way. I sound like a teacher, but I will keep on teaching them the whole truth. Because that is all that leads one person to LIFE and the other to spiritual DEATH.

Ps 141:3: “Set a watch O Lord before my mouth, keep the door of my lips”

I teach my children that we must only talk to God. We do this because we have a relationship with God, and not only a normal relationship, but a love relationship! We tell him everything……. our secrets, ours joys, our tears and sometimes we close the door behind us and then we wait on Him, in order to hear His voice. It is so necessary to know that it is a Relationship, and there are two people talking.......not only one.

It is two o’clock at night and I get up to see if Aldo is doing okay. I find him on his knees. “What now Aldo?” ”Mommy, I woke up and thought I will wait on Jesus, and while I waited He talked to me”. I switched off the light and wondered: “Why don’t we all realize the simplicity of faith? “Believe like children” Jesus said.

Let us all pray together for Ilne Meyer’s life, and keep her parents’ arms high.

Relax and be yourself, because Jesus came to set us free that we can LIVE!!!!!!

Aldo and Josh went back to school, and this year Aldo is playing soccer.......can you believe it? Last week he winded a boy in a tackle, and that in soccer! You must know that his running at this stage is two steps running and one falling, getting up and running two steps and falling. But he is playing and that is the only thing that matters. He plays with a scrum helmet and knee guards, because we can’t keep up with all the injuries he sustains. I can hardly count all the bumps on his head.

I honour God for not giving up on us and I will keep on speaking life as long as I am breathing.

Enjoy your family! Enjoy your weekend.


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