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Just stand up and do it!

On the 30th of April 2007 Aldo turned 15. It was a quiet morning and we all sat on his bed and broke bread together. We held communion after which we annointed our son with oil. So, so, so different than before! He would have sat with all his presents and would only have focused on them, but now.... he sat with his hands together, and thanked his Heavenly Father for life! The day was quiet and only a couple of his new school friends came to say ....hi! But it’s okay, allof us are free from all the glitter and glamour of this world. That night, I took him and we lay on the grass. “Look at the stars Aldo, the moon has to be in line with the sun. It is the same with us….. we have to be in line with God’s Word in order for our light to shine in this dark world.” No bigger present t could have made him feel more happy. “Thank you mom, can you please cut my nails.” “Yes, I cried, because that is how you look and feel when Jesus sets you free from this world.” Bradley, his friend invited him for a braai today. It felt so good to leave him when I drove away. Slowly but surely his life is starting to take shape again. They helped him and he was just fine.

It is as if this pain just keeps on and on. My child is not the same as yours, he cannot do what your children are doing, and tonight he will be more tired and he may be difficult because of the long day. The Spirit is telling me: “Retha, this is a race, I cannot give you a date when this will be better. But you have to press forward.” “ I know, I know Lord. The strain of continuing hurts, but it is a good kind of hurt - a blessed kind of hurt. ”The question is Retha, do you want to be Christ-like or comfortable, relaxed or renewed? Are you hungry for God and His Word? ”

Jer.15:16: “ ...The words were found, and I ate them". When my spirit was so hungry, I ran to His Word and ate it! The more you have of Him, the more you desire Him.

It requires passion to restore passion. We have to be passionate in keeping this passion with God alive. Do you really want His fire, HIS PRESENCE! Stretch beyond your comfort zone............only those who have the courage to dare and then possibly fail, can achieve. Don't encourage your children or yourself to remain in your comfort zone. Stretch out of it..... Stretch!!!! Yes, it does hurt sometimes, but the results are great.

I only have to look at Aldo to see what a passion looks like. He jumped out of bed at 5 am and fell down because it was too quick. Tonight he is fighting to stay awake, because each day is so precious.

Set higher you have goals? I read the other day that if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

Surround yourself with passionate people, because it is contagious. We give off sparks of the fire of God and His energy. I choose not to be exposed to people who demotivate me. I DON'T WANT TO CATCH YOUR NEGATIVE BREATH!

Hold onto your dreams. Dreams come from God who loves us.

Love God, not for what you want from Him, but only because you LOVE HIM!!!! Remember He first loved you.

Pray, pray, pray, pray is the way to draw closer to God. Prov.16:9: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" .

Passion is your fuel. Do what God called you to do! Just stand up and do it!

Lord, I want to thank You for difficult times, good times, and dreams! I love You, I honour You, and You are a great God, my Lord.

Be blessed


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