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I feel bad if people ask: “Why don’t you write anymore?”, but I also know I couldn’t actually. My life was soooo very busy lately. At the moment I am in Piketberg and are finishing this evening with a month tour in the Cape.

Aldo had an eye operation last week to insert some muscles in his eye, and he is going next week Friday for his next operation to lift his eye lid. We are very excited that it will improve his sight and it will also improve the way he walks.

I learn so much, and I am so sorry about many things in my life. One of it is, that I judged so much. I did not always understand the “Spirit”, and maybe I was also jealous to a certain extent about the things I already understood. And then I would judge the people. I also remember in detail how I justified myself. Today I am the one who falls on my knees regularly and say: ”Father, forgive me, I did not understand.”

Today I can sing in my soul and mean it: ”You are the air I breath! You are my everything”!!

I want to ask you very nicely today, please do not judge. Do not repeat my mistake! I think just the day I could lay my pride down, my spritual eye could see more. I think the two are linked. When our pride dies, your spiritual eyes open. Only when I became “one” with Jesus, I had more understanding.

I wrote this for a book that I am busy with: Do you experience the same? (The Holy Spirit is stirring a holy passion in the Bride of Christ for greater intimacy with the Bridegroom. This longing for greater spiritual intimacy with the Lord is reflected in the growing hunger and thirst among His people. It is this positive spiritual yearning and holy discontentment that will spur you to long for more of HIS fullness and motivate you to seek Him more and more. This deep hunger for more of Him will also cause you to draw closer to Him and rise higher into the dimensions of the spirit. Phil 3:10.... “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings....”.).

If you are hungry for God... HE says, “those who seek me, WILL find me!” Call upon Him, don’t take the judgement route, it is also there for you! Take it, learn more and grow in Him.

Enjoy the intimacy with our King.

Peace and regards Retha

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