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Hearing God’s Voice

I am still in Cape Town ministering for a week. I phoned home tonight wanting to speak to Aldo and Josh. Aldo was speaking very slowly, and I just knew something happened. When he is very tired, you can hear it in his voice by the way he talks. “Why are you so tired?” I asked. “I did not sleep last night mom. The angel was outside the house, and the neighbours’ dog barked at him all night. I was awake, trying to get the dog away from the angel. The angel stayed the whole night. He was very, very big. He saw the dog as well. I showed dad the angel, but he could not see him. The dog and I did. The angel enjoyed our view! He played with the dog at his feet.” When I spoke to Tinus he said, “Did we have a night! Aldo kept going to the window to talk to the angel and trying to get the dog away from the angel!” It is wonderful to know that they are watching over us! The most wonderful thing is that Aldo is so in touch with the spiritual realm. “Less of you and more of Jesus, Mommy! Please mommy, less of you!” That is the key!!! Only when I die in my own designers and myself, then only can I become more like Him. Then there is less of Retha and with that our spiritual eyes opens up. Remember, we have spiritual ears as well!

Sheep know the voice of their Shepherd, they spend time with him and He talks to them. We hear God’s voice when we come into a personal relationship with Him. When we spend time talking with Him (not praying at Him in a one sided conversation) when we study His written word and expect Him to make it alive in my life, we give Him opportunity to talk to us! This is the greatest lesson I learned from Aldo when he came back from heaven. On his knees he will pray, or lie flat on his face. Then, after he has spoken, he will wait on God to answer. It is a two-way conversation, my Father and me! One of the greatest miracles in Aldo's life is that God brought him into His kingdom. It is God changing him from the natural to the supernatural. That miracle is there for all of us!

God wants to bring us all into a new relationship with Himself. A relationship in which we have rights and privileges, where we can talk to our ABBA FATHER; a relationship of deep and intimate communion with our God. We are spiritual beings, living in a fleshly body.

I cannot wait to go home; my Josh is in grade 1 this year. Every night when I phone, he reads his schoolbook over the phone to me.

Before the accident, Aldo had his own cell phone. When I look back, I know that was a mistake! I know some kids really need it, but sometimes it is used to play with. “Josh, when you’re at school and you need help, what do you do?” I asked him. “I just call on to Jesus Mommy.” Before the accident, I use to teach Aldo to call mommy on the cell phone when he needs anything, now they call unto JESUS!!!! Praise your name my Lord, You are so faithful. Whose child is Josh? “DON’T FEEL BAD MOMMY, BUT I BELONG TO JESUS NOW. To tell you the truth mom, we are brothers and sisters in Christ.” Wow!!!! That is amazing! You are so right Josh, you are so right! A magazine did an article about (my) kids. (Jesus’ kids) “Retha, what books do you read to discipline your children?” “I read one book, the Book of Life. I teach my children Kingdom principles and not the world’s principles.” Aldo and Josh know they are never ever alone. They know they are the Kings’ Kids. They know nothing that they do can make Him love them more, and nothing that they cannot do can make Him love them less! The King loves them completely! LOVE IS THE ANSWER! Kingdom kids have large hearts and big visions. Are you one? You just need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

Keep your faith. Retha

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