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Peter, do you love me?

Far beyond any earthly love, so far that we can never grasp how wide and long and high and deep His love is... then how great His love needs to be.

I want you to love Me, not only to need Me! Can you hear Him say that? I need people who reach out for new and fuller ways to express their love to Me day by day. He wants us to love Him because He first loved us and to express our love as fully as He expresses His.

The world scorns a woman who marries a man for his money. We are nothing better if we simply come to Jesus for what we can get out of Him!

He has provided for us so completely and is the highest purpose for our lives.

He declares: “My delight is in you, My chosen one, in you!”

His love is the only thing that can make us stand in this difficult path we are in.

Aldo had some bad epileptic attacks last night (it only started after his injury, and I know God will finish the restoration and healing He began in him!).

“He will be healed! In Jesus name!” I cried to the Lord. "Please stay with us!” All I felt was His love, the whole night. That made me strong, gave me courage to go on. The next morning Aldo was so sick he could not move and slept the whole day. He once asked me during that night, “Why do you cry Mommy, do you see Jesus? He is here.” And yes, I did feel His love, His comfort, His mercy and grace.

I thank you for Your love my King. I believe You love me so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for Aldo's sickness on the cross. My eyes are on You and You alone!

I sit with my eyes closed. I hear the roaring of the sea. (I am in Cape Town for a two-day conference.) I can hear His heart beat. I can smell His love. Yes, my Lord, I know you are with me, in pain and gain.

Don't think you will have fulfillment and live triumphantly if your circumstances are altered. It is only through a love relationship with Jesus that you will know peace and deep contentment, regardless of your circumstances.

Seek Him first. Talk to the Comforter. He is with you all the time...



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