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Have Faith!

We all face trails, but how do you react to them? You can loose your faith, or you can stand in faith and pray continually. It is so easy to loose faith if your focus is not on God 100%. The enemy does not need to shake or destroy you. He only needs to shift your focus 1mm from God, because then he can throw you off balance. Once you are off balance, he can play with your mind and your thoughts. Then you can consider yourself history. This is why it is so important to stay focused on God at all times. We need to take our thoughts captive into obedience to God.

This weekend I had a hectic time in the spirit. I could sense how the enemy was out to shift my focus from God. He knows how much power we have when we are in Christ and when we stay focused. To be one with Christ is the key! We can only be ONE with the Father through the blood of Jesus.

Saturday night in my sleep, it felt like someone tried to kill me. I could not breathe. I shouted and shouted, but no one could hear me. After a while, I could here the enemy say, “You are a failure” then the Holy Spirit replied, “No, you are a child of the Most High God.” Then the enemy will say, “Aldo will not be healed” and then the Holy Spirit will answered, “He is already healed through the blood of Jesus Christ!” One voice was negative and the other positive. This was a spiritual fight, but we can stand. That is if we are totally one with Jesus and stay focused on Him.

I saw people in fetus positions in front of a big door. They were too exhausted to stand, and God said it is because they tried to do it all in their own strength. The door they were laying in front of was the door of faith. How can I go through that door Retha? Jesus is the only way through that door! The next moment I started shouting, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!” It was then that the door of hope opened and I could breathe again. This was the second time I had this vision. Before we can show any kind of faith, you must know God as the ONLY one who saves. You must know His faithfulness and His unconditional love for you. You must believe in Him alone and trust in Him alone.

We have only one duty and that is to have faith in His finished works. If you have faith, you will look beyond your immediate situation unto freedom. The blood of Jesus helps us to break free from bondage to freedom. I will keep on having faith in Jesus, my Lord and Saviour!!! Aldo is healed through the blood of Jesus. The fact that we believe in God, makes us stronger.

We were at the beach this weekend, and all the people were staring at Aldo’s way of body boarding. He would try to hold on, but could only stay on the board for one or two seconds, then fall off. We had to run to help him and then take him deeper again. It took forever, but he is 16, so he wants to do the same things the other children does. While sitting on the beach, trying to catch our breath he said, “Mommy, the sea is like life. Just when you think you are standing, you fall. You have to be careful mom! Tell the world mom.” My oh my! Please Lord; cloak me in humbleness at all times.

Keep your faith Retha

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