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God is on time

“LORD, I need a miracle… No my child, you need FAITH!!!!!”

After 18 months, this is my position. The hills are steep and sometimes, not always, your legs want to give way and your breath is short.

One Saturday, just before the holidays I really seeked the face of God. I cried in tears: “Lord I need a miracle!” His calm answer was: “ No my child, you need faith.”

I sobbed my tears away and realised…. Everything is finished, completed!

John 19:30 “Then when Jesus took the vinegar, He said, it has been finished. And bowing His head, He delivered up the spirit.”

Nothing can be added. It is only me that needs to keep on believing! Abraham waited 99 years for God’s promise to be fulfilled, Moses 40 years and Lazarus 4 days and in every instance God was on time. Jesus was on time, God is never late!!!

I am taught so many lessons during this time of trial and tribulation. I learn how to have enough spiritual stamina and endurance.

To have enough, you have to be spiritually fit. The most important lesson is that as soon as you reached the top of a steep hill get your breath back as soon as possible! Take deep breaths; don’t gulp in the air! It means to search deep into God’s word for enough stamina and power to go on and keep on going.

To run this race and complete it! “Father I am not searching Your Word the whole day, but I need Your POWER!”

“Praise my child, praise, there is so much power in praize!”

With a very steep hill in front of me, busy recuperating from the previous hill, I realise that while I’m running this race, I will need power the whole time.

I start praising God for who and what He is for me, I praise Him because I learned to know Him so well that I can hear His voice! Because He is my Maker, My Father And because He is holy, because He laid down His life for me, because He has forgiven me. Because He gave me His Holy Spirit, and His Word. Because He is such a good and loving Father. Because He has a purpose with our lives, because He recuperates everything and because He is He!!!

Because He gave Aldo another chance!!!!

After that, God took my Hand and led me to meet Him at a deeper level.

He spoke to me: “This is the power of praise my child, your spirit will be lifted and you will receive supernatural power, because: Nehemiah 8:10b “for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

I started to praise God, morning, afternoon and evening, the whole time in my spirit. I started with God’s power in my life on a different level. Isaiah 40:31 “but the ones waiting for Jehovah shall renew power; they shall go up with wings as the eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not be faint!”

We are just back from holiday and school will start in a few days. Aldo is still in a private school and he has cried a lot because he can’t join his friends in a mainstream high school. He is in grade 8 now and we are thankful for that. His concentration span is still very short and hampered and he has to put in a lot more effort that the other kids to achieve the same marks. Sometimes it feels if he can’t concentrate at all. He also experience it as a big frustration and it causes bursts of anger. To withstand this we need supernatural spiritual power. Josh, his little brother, who is currently four years old is a spiritual giant in this regard and has the most success of all of us in calming Aldo down.

Aldo’s spirit is so strong and mature, but his body and soul is not yet at the same level.

All of our spirits, souls and bodies must be in line with God’s Word. Some people who is completely normal choose to ignore their soul and spirit and lives only in the flesh. Their spirit, soul and body are totally out of balance.

Through all the suffering, God gave us a huge bonus, Aldo. Aldo is spiritually tuned to God and His Holy Spirit, he is one with Them. We learn from Aldo every day as he writes daily in his diary as the Holy Spirit leads him.

Peace be to you. It is my wish that I will be able to write to you more often this year!

Thank you for your e-mails that you faithfully keep on sending us. Even if I don’t answer immediately, I do read it. I also file your letter and some days, when my knees want to give under the weight of my problems, I sit down and read all your letters again.

Then I realise, your letter is an important part of God’s plan. He planned it that I should read your letter at a specific time. He lifts me up through your letters to keep on going.

Love Retha

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