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Givers and takers

Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love! I wonder if we ever realise how much Jesus really loved us, by dying on the cross so that you and I can live. That is LOVE! To offer your whole life, that is who you are. Then you die of yourself completely and live for Jesus.

The last 19 months taught me a lesson. With the offer you bring comes an anointing. God wants us to own a hundredfold anointing. We can only have that if we are willing to accept the responsibility and pay the price for it. The anointing is expensive, but through the anointing you will experience a tremendous glory if you are willing to make the offer and, pay the price. Show me if you love Jesus with your whole heart, because you will see the heavens break open above you. God is preparing His bride who is filled with glory and power.

God speaks to you and me: The unfruitfull part of our lives we must offer up to Him, He will fill the empty hole. Keep your mind on how much He loves us and how in control of our lives He is. God puts us through trials, to see if He can use us in the big plans He has for us, if we are ready yet. I struggle so much through His trials but His answer to me is always: “Remember my beloved child, you are only dust and everything is grace. I don’t wait until you are perfect, but only until you are willing!” You and I must strive for Gods precious, (expensive) hundredfold anointing. The key to his anointing is to focus on Jesus and not on our own needs and wants. We have already got the vision; the only thing we still have to do is run the race with God’s power. (In our own power we will never be able to make it).

We must be willing to pay the biggest price for the calling, which God has on our lives. We are givers and not takers. Givers lay themselves down for others, to enable everybody to take part in the race.

To die of yourself means that you will offer EVERYTHING to please God and be obedient to His will for your life. “Retha only if you walk in the power of forgiveness, will you walk in the power of My anointing.”

Through the grace of God you and I can start to live past the natural into the supernatural… where miracles is a way of life.

Wow, God is good! Sometimes I don’t know if I will be able to walk the road, but You are always true to Your word!

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