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Fuel the Fire

The word of God teaches us to repent, so that we may go to God and keep our spiritual zeal alive. The only way to fuel your spiritual life is to keep fuelling your spiritual fire. We can do this by spending time in God’s presence. We can also fuel the fire with a constant input of God’s word.

I look at Aldo; he prays every chance he gets. Even in a restaurant, he will pray aloud, and that is over not only the food, but just to talk to God. He keeps his fire burning. What is your spiritual temperature? Do you make the most of every time and opportunity you get to praise Him?

Aldo cannot speak well, most of the time the words come out wrong. But when you listen carefully, you will hear the Holy Spirit talking through him.

We were driving in the car and Aldo said to Josh, “JOSH, FEAR NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE, BUT SIN!”

Thank you Lord. I see and learn so much from You in Aldo.

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