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Enter into His presence

It is Sunday night and everything is quite around me, accept for the frogs. I can hear them talking to each other. Quietly I sit and listen to them. Are they also longing for the Glory of their Creator just like me? My soul longs for this quiet time with my King. Just like king David use to say, I can say that I am hungry for His Glory! Exodus 33:18 says, “Please show me your glory?

Many times in life, a spiritual attainment begins with a hunger, a longing and passion for more of God. With Moses and King David it did and now is has with me as well! A Spiritual longing for more of God and His glory is so important, because that is what draws us closer to God. Moses was not satisfied with only His presence, he also asked for God’s Glory. God granted Moses his request, allowing him to see a measure of His glory. Moses prayed for God’s presence. (Who shall go up to the Holy Mountain? He that has a pure heart and clean hands.) Moses longed to see His glory, and he immersed himself in God’s glory. This glory is right here for you and me! Do you want to experience the glory of God that envelopes you and fills you from within? Then ask God, pray for it, hunger for His glory, and more of God. Seek more of God’s presence and not His hands! Take time to immerse yourself in His glorious presence. Expect His presence and you will witness more of His manifestations. All of this produces hope and release more faith in you. Numbers 1421 says, “But truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.”

We can expect to experience and receive greater manifestations of God’s glory!

Do you experience His glory, Retha? Yes I do! It is because I make time at night when everybody sleeps to enter into my Kings presence; to receive a touch of His glory. We have to enter into His presence.

God will reveal His Glory when you are in a love relationship with Him, through an intimate and consistent relationship with the Lord. Without it, you will not be able to receive it or carry it in your life. To receive the glory, you need to push deep into God’s presence, past the outer court, beyond the Holy place and into the Holy of Holies where God lives. God lives in the Spirit realm!

When God is truly glorified, you will encounter the revelation of His glory. You will receive His Glory through the infilling, fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, because then you will be filled with the Spirit of Glory. (Ephesians 5:18) We must worship God until the atmosphere is rich with the glory of God, then you will experience an open heaven! The greatest form of Worship is obedience to God, and I believe surrender and sacrifices are also on the list. Just soak in Him. Let Him fill you until you overflow. I do not only want a touch, no. I stay and wait until the wave comes in! Then His glory washes over you, until you are dripping with it! Is this possible Retha? Yes! This is His presence! Something of His divine nature will rub of on you. 2 Pet 1:4 says, “Through these you may be partakers of the divine nature.” This is how I manage to stand in the midst of pain and sorrow. In His presence, in the spirit, I become less and He becomes more. When God releases His breath, He releases life, and that changes my natural and spiritual atmosphere.

Tomorrow morning I am doing a TV interview and one of the questions is “How do you stay so humble?” Would you ever know how difficult the road with Aldo is? I do not tell the world about all the obstacles, because there are many. But, BECAUSE HE LIVES I CAN FACE TOMORROW! That is why I seek Him at night. I seek His glory and His love. Then, when the morning comes, I can stand. Nothing you say can harm me, because His glory will protect me!

The words that came out of people’s mouth are so very sharp. They will kill me if I do not stay in His glory. I cannot expect you to understand that my child is normal in the Kings eyes although he sometimes does not act normal in our eyes. The world judges your flesh and what they see, but God only judge the spirit! Praise God for that!!!!! His glory protects me, covers me, fills me, so that I can forgive and move on! We all need His Glory. Seek Him and you will find Him.

He promised that to all of us.

Enjoy His presence. Retha

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