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Do you REALLY believe?

Do you really believe in Jesus? Do you believe He is the miracle making God? You can only truly believe when the indwelling spirit of Christ in all His fullness is within you. He is received and possessed only as far as the faith of the believer reaches. “I will put a new spirit in you; I will put My spirit in you.” You should pray that you comprehended the wonderful blessing of His indwelling spirit in you. Pray that your whole being is opened to the full revelation of the Father’s love and grace through Jesus Christ for us. This is the reason why people do not believe in Jesus. Many sit in churches on Sundays, but they do not believe that Jesus is the miracle making God! You need faith to believe, the God kind of faith.

This was an absolute amazing week in my life. Before I left for Malaysia, I received a phone call from a man. He told me about his wife whom doctors have declared as being in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery. I prayed for her and the Lord said He would heal her! The man took his children to greet their mother one final time, but God, the God of miracles, kept her alive. After a month in the hospital, they sent her to a rehabilitation clinic.

I came back from Indonesia and the Lord said to me, “I want you to go to Rozanne. Anoint her and then pray for her. I then want you to take her hand and write with her, she is inside.” The next morning I went to her. She was just laying there. She could not speak, eat, walk, or do anything for herself. I anointed her and then prayed for her. I then took her hand, although still spastic, and placed the pen between the little thin fingers. I supported her hand, just as I did for Aldo. The first thing she wrote was my name, and then, “I was in heaven, I saw Jesus.” She then wrote, “I am aware of everything that goes on around me. Tell my husband I love him. Can you help me to move my feet?”

I just cried and cried and after a whole week of writing to me everyday, she wrote this to me on Friday, “The people in the hospital do not believe that

I am writing. They don’t believe I am in here!” What can I say……..unbelief!!!!

Her husband took her hand, and then, “I love you Carel” came out. Yet, after all of this happened, the doctor still warned him that what is happening could not be true.

I came home, and Aldo wrote to me, “Mom, there is a doctor lying opposite the lady you helped. He needs your help. Let him write mommy.” I went the next day, anointed him and prayed for him. He just stares all day long. He still has a trachea in his throat to help him breathe. Just like Rozanne, he cannot walk, talk or eat normally. He was a medical doctor before his accident, and has been sitting in rehab for a year. Nobody thinks he can write.

I took his hand, and he wrote, “I cannot believe what is happening. Are you an angel?”

No, I am send by Jesus. I heard you are a doctor. Is that true? “Yes. May I ask your name?” My name is Retha, my family and I was in a car accident four years ago. My son went to heaven and came back. Jesus healed him. “You were Mrs. RSA and I did not believe your story.” Why not? “Because I didn’t know Jesus.”

He did not believe the miracle of Aldo’s healing four years ago. All his medical training and knowledge told him what happened was impossible. But not for God. With God, nothing is impossible! All we need is FAITH! Listen people, this is a miracle! We are witnesses of God’s power! All we need to do is acknowledge His sovereignty and grace and give all praise and honour to Jesus for the healing. “But you shall receive power when the Holy Sprit come upon you and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Tell me, do you really believe? Not with your head, but with your heart? Do you truly believe that there is nothing too difficult for God? Do you truly believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the only one, true living God? Do you believe that He is mighty to save all who call upon His Name? Do you truly believe that Jesus of Nazareth raised Lazarus from the dead, and that He will do the same for you? Tell me, do you really BELIEVE?

We need the Holy Spirit for this kind of Faith. Let the wind of the Holy Spirit fan the fire inside of you. “When suddenly there came a sound from heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast, and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting.” Acts 2:2

Remember to lay down your pride, preconceived ideas and unbelief before entering the house. These things will hinder the wind of the Holy Spirit and you will miss the anointing!

God is on the move in South Africa. We only need to open our eyes to see it, and step out in faith. In order to achieve all God has planned for us “We are to be continually filled with the power from above.” Ephesians 5:18

All of us can go and pray for the sick. All we need is the anointing, the Holy Spirit and Faith in God. If you lack anything, pray and ask God for what you need!


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