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Do we know our purpose

Time flies, and I used to hope that time would heal all wounds. But I cannot say for sure that it is true. When God says He wants to give us His Fire, it means….For those who are prepared to give their whole life, and are willing to walk the Calvary road with Jesus, there is a fire of His presence waiting for them. His fire unleashes the power of a passionate life and intimate love relationship with the King of Kings. Not everybody wants the full package, because to get that, you have to lay down everything, yes everything. Every man dies, but not every man lives!!!!! John 10:10: “Jesus came so that we can have life, and life in abundance”. You must have a passion for Jesus to get this life of abundance. For me the greatest enemy is not death anymore, but a life unlived! When I look at Aldo, I see a great example of someone with a passionate commitment to life. He has an inner spark, provided by God’s spirit. The fire!!!! Genuine passion swells to take the ALL in life, yes sometimes the good, and sometimes the bad. Col. 3:23 - 24 :”And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.” Whatever means….whatever? It includes fulfilling your purpose in life. To what purpose does God allow difficulties in my life? It is for me to bend my knee, for me to realize that I am only human and God is supernatural. For me to realize, I cannot, but God can.

We took Aldo to the Doctor again, and his words felt like they were killing me on the inside, in front of my husband and child. The tears flowed from my eyes, and I could not even control that. “What has not changed by now, will most likely never change at all”, the Doctor said.

“What about his eye?” I asked. “No, it will remain as it is now.” “And his left side that cannot stop shaking?” “ Yes, there is an operation with an implant that might help him. R250 000. But you must remember, nothing is guaranteed!”

We left and I could only utter one word: “Jesus, Jesus have mercy on us!” It was quiet in the car, and all of a sudden Aldo said: “Don’t worry, my purpose is to tell the world that Jesus is alive, not to run the Comrades”. I cried through the night. I don’t want him to run the Comrades, only to walk without falling every third step! “Why are you crying?” Aldo asked. He knows his purpose. I also cannot think of anything worthwhile in this life, that was not achieved without great passion. We need passion! Aldo has a passion for live. In a very difficult way I learned that life is not my abilities, but God’s abilities in me. All life is Gods life!!!!!! and this life leads to unspeakable joy in any situation. “Please Lord, help me to look through the eyes of my spirit, and not the eyes of my flesh.” Are you passionate about God and His abundant life? Remain blessed.


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