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Dare to love

I was alone with the kids this weekend. Tinus went to a men’s worship camp on the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe. The farmers from Zimbabwe are down and out. The value of the Zim dollar is very low, and the shops are all empty. There is no food in the shops, only bread. The men went to serve the people of Zimbabwe. They want to worship God and together, learn more about God’s love for His people.

Aldo starts to pray every morning at 3am. He speaks very loud and monotone. He talked to Jesus about the angel and the message that the angel brought. The angel has now been sitting in front of our bedroom window for a week already. The message he brought was, “The winds of change is coming.” Aldo warned me again, “Mommy, be ready for change.” Many times, I do not immediately know what he means. Change can only come into your lives as you admit your sins. Jesus wants to release you from the spiritual bondage of your sins. We just need to admit our sinful condition and accept the blood of Jesus. We need to be washed by the blood of Jesus everyday. Confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and turn away from it. The bride of Jesus needs a new heart. Ask Jesus to give you a new heart. Yield to His power and the help of the Holy Spirit, because only then you will know true freedom.

I spoke to a friend about the days when cycling was my god. Aldo jumped up very angry, "Don’t look back mommy, how many times do I have to tell you? There is only one God, please do not look back! No, don’t let the enemy take you back, Mommy.” We looked at each other and realized, God hates it when we have idols. Lay it down and never look back!

Keep your faith Retha

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