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God feeds those who are hungry

Today there were so many challenges, pain and restlessness in my mind. Aldo awakened me at 04:00, he couldn’t sleep anymore and he only went to sleep at 24:00.

We all know what little children do when they are not hungry anymore; they spit out their food. After a whole day of spiritual hunger and thirst I came to rest and sat at Jesus’ feet. I called out to Him: “Father, please calm my restless soul!”

I know only He can fill the void! The prerequisite for being able to eat when someone else is feeding you is that you must be near enough to reach the spoon.

God answers:“Come nearer my child, it is one of my character traits to feed the hungry! Retha please tell me what you hunger for?”

I ask: “I want the power of your resurrected life in my soul in my life. That your Spirit will strengthen me from within to withstand any test in my life. Please give me Your wisdom. I want to experience the length, breadth and depth of your love in my life. I want opened eyes, so that I can see clearly where Your love is coming to me through other people, directly from Your hands. Fill me with you fullness. I want to know You more and more intimately; I want to be one with You! I want to experience the power of Your Spirit more and more in my life.”

God answers: I love you so much Retha and want to bless you. That’s why I sealed a covenant of eternal love with you. I gave myself to you. Remember I don’t only have the perfect love, I am perfect love! I know and understand you, every emotion, and every tear. I made you and know your shortcomings, that’s why I understand every battle in your life. I never forget that you were accepted and born in sin. Tell the people I am a God of love. That is why I made a covenant of blood with all people.

Retha, do you believe that everything that happened to you brought me closer to you? You don’t have to fear anything; I am in control of your life.

Jeremiah 9:23-24

The blood covenant. Marriage is a blood covenant, two people become one.

“You are my bride, we are one.”

I sit and wonder how we refer to our hearts as our complete, soul, life and nature. To love somebody so much, means to love him with your whole being, then you actually give your life to him.

“Exactly Retha, that is what my blood covenant came to do for you! I gave Myself to you. My power, My assistance and My protection. ”Your battles are Mine, everything that is Mine, becomes yours, and everything that is yours becomes mine. We are one!

Let us eat the meal of covenant. “The blood is My body and the wine is My blood.” (John 6:53-57)

I carry all your burdens, take away all your iniquities and give you My righteousness. My Holy Spirit is the seal of the covenant. When you get frightened or want to fall, show the ring, My Spirit, BECAUSE He that dwells in you is stronger than he that lives in the world. (1 John 4:4)”

It is also my wish for you that read this message: Remember always, You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ that gives you power. You and I are bound together forever, and this blessing is just for you!

“May God, from where our peace emanates, give you everything that is needed to do His will. May He work in your life everything that gives Him joy. “

He does that through the power of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 13:20-21 “Now the God of Peace, He leading up out of the dead, the great Shepherd of the sheep, in the blood of the everlasting covenant, our Lord Jesus, perfect you in every good work, in order to do His will, doing in you that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.“

Love Retha

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