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Are you busy preparing?

The angels are shouting… Prepare the highway for the King! Prepare the highway for the King! Prepare the highway for the King!

This is a divine highway, and the fire of the Lord is busy burning it open. It will be a landing strip where the glory and power of God can manifest. Can you hear the angels? Are you busy preparing?

If you have good soil, the good seed can grow! We have to pray for the soil continually. This is the time to lay down your life and the power of the Lord will manifest. Where the Holy fire burns, darkness will flee.

“O Israel come back to Me, says the Lord. If you will throw away your detestable idols and go astray no more, and if you will swear by My name alone, and begin to live good honest lives and uphold justice, then you will be a blessing to the nations of the world. And all the people will come and praise My Name. Plow up the hard ground in your hearts! Do not waste your good seed among thorns. Cleanse your mind and hearts before the Lord, or My anger will burn like an unquenchable fire because of all your sins.” Jeremiah 4: 1-4. Put it down!!!!!!

ONE OF THE DEADLIEST KILLERS ON THE LOOSE TODAY IS: TRADITION! It destroys more lives than anyone can imagine. Tradition robs people from their healing, their faith and their abundant life in God. It steals the power from the promises of God. People sometimes say that it is not always God’s will to heal you. Yet it says in the Word of God that it is God’s will to heal you! How can you have faith and trust in God, and not believe in His word? If you do not believe His word, you cannot pray with the God kind of faith.

To receive healing, you have to plant the seed of faith. If you do not plant it, do not expect a harvest of healing. Traditional mindsets say that miracles are not for today. However, the word of God proves that that is not true. Exodus 15: 26 say, “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” Jeremiah 17:14 say, “Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed, save me O Lord and I shall be saved; for You are my Praise.” God also said that He does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is still the same GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For healing to pass away, God has to pass away, and He cannot! He is no man that He can lie.

Tradition and an unbending religious mindset not only block the anointing of your healing, but also on all other areas of your life. It will block the anointing on your finances, your family, your job, your relationships as well as your miracles. Ask God to lift the veil of “your truth” from your spirit eyes and reveal to you “His truth.” There is only one Truth – and this Truth flows from the mouth of Jesus, the Messiah of Nazareth. Just put your faith in God, not in man! (Jeremiah 17: 5-8)

Because of the times we live in, miracles will increase. The glory of the Lord will manifest in His people. You have the resurrection power of Christ in you. Take it and live it.

Aldo had a rough soccer game. At this stage, he can only walk five steps by himself. Then, because his balance is not 100% yet, he falls. His friends hold his arms when he plays soccer with them. They all run together on the field! Aldo believes that he can do anything through Christ who strengthens him. There are no barriers in his mind. Jesus said he is healed, and this is exactly what he believes and lives.

It was Mothers’ day, and Aldo walked into the room with two lilies. “In heaven there were millions of these lilies Mom, so I brought you these two. I wanted to give you something from heaven, and this is what I found.” Josh came in with a picture that he drew of the Fire of God. “Mommy, Aldo said we have to give you something from heaven, and I thought you would like to have His fire!” My, oh my, I had the best Mothers’ day ever! This was the first Mother’s day in four years that I was able to spend at home. Not ministering, and being able to enjoy this time with my family! By His stripes, you are healed! Receive it in Jesus name! Retha

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