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All for HIM

After a very busy March, my family and I are at Yzerfontein for a few days on holiday. I often sit and stare at the waves and are filled with wonder. The immenseness of the ocean indicates an immense Creator. A Creator that gives birds instruction and directs the fish. “Show me Your glory God?” I asked like Moses did. “Will You overwhelm me with your power? Quiet me with Your wisdom, and take away my breath with Yours?” It was Moses prayer once and it is mine today!

Today I really need what Moses needed once, a glimpse of Your glory!

Look at the stars, the ocean, look at Aldo and know that your God lives! Look at me and don’t look around in fear! Every little thing Jesus did glorified God! Romans 11:36 “ Because of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen”.

To God belongs the Honor and Glory into eternity! Our whole life is just for You and never about us, it is only You! Why do earth rotate around it’s own axis? For God. Why does God give us talents and abilities? For Him! Our purpose for existence is God, to exult His glory. We do not exist to glorify ourselves! You also exist only to glorify God through your life. That is the reason why God told me in His throne room: “It is not about you my child, it is all about Me.”

Are you already in the position where you can say that everything you do, you do to glorify God? It is very difficult to get to that position, but I realize everyday more and more, that it is where God wants us, He wants to be glorified through your entire existence! God wants everything, not just a part of you.

We play on the beach and Aldo falls all the time. He struggles to give two steps and falls again. After a few tries, I assist him and we walk together. He stops and starts screaming from frustration. I got a fright and enquired from him, what was wrong. He says: “Mother, I am struggling!” His whole body shivers from the ataxia, which is enforced by tension. We sat down and some kids came running past us. We both stared at them, it hurt so much. Sometimes I don’t have the words to describe the hurt I feel. If I believed everything in life was about my needs and me, I would have wanted to flee! But God in His wisdom says. “Life is short, keep on believing and hold on!” The brief time of our life in comparison to eternity gives us the strength to hold on and not flee from our problems. Aldo, this suffering you have to endure is but a moment in comparison to an eternity, with God, that awaits you! Do not lose hope, be strengthened to withstand your problems. 2 Corinthians 4:17 “For the lightness of our present affliction works out for us an eternal weight of glory, surpassing moment by surpassing moment.”

It is like a scale. On the one side all my hurts, shortcomings, problems and pain and on the other side is the eternal weight of Glory. God doesn’t take everything away in the way we like it. He cancels everything with His ongoing peace and joy. Everything gets lighter when it is weighed against eternity.

We are catching rockfish and struggle up unto the rocks. It requires for a lot of balance to keep both Aldo and me upright. The next moment Aldo catches a fish and in his bout of joy both of us tumble into the pool. With a few cuts and bruises we struggle up again. Josh, who watched the whole episode, suggested that we rather wait for Daddy who will join us over the weekend.

I really want to do something that Aldo can enjoy and is able to do as well. Then I remembered how much he enjoyed to run hand and feet up against the dunes and sliding down on his buttocks. We did it four times in a row and I’m very tired and want to get up. Aldo wouldn’t hear about it and I am forced to keep on going hand and feet. Aldo, Josh and myself are on equal grounds now and he enjoys seeing me getting tired.

We played cricket and Aldo can really hit a ball, Josh and I have to run for it all the time. Once Aldo and I both fell on the sand, our faces close to each other. We looked at each other and he says: “ Everything is ok mom, everything is ok!” I got upright and realised this road we can only travel by the grace of God and with His power.

Sunday evening I ministered in Cape Town and the two children and I attended church. Aldo sits quietly in his seat, but Josh, my youngest, gets bored and walks up to the podium. There I stood with Josh on my hip, talking to the people. Tinus left earlier for home and I felt very sorry for myself.

Suddenly the glory of God overwhelms us and I realised I’ve got no reason to feel sorry for myself . God’s glory surpasses everything! It is the only thing I live for, to experience God as my first love. Very late that night we returned to Yzerfontein. The road is fogged up the whole way but I see a bright light in front of me. “Father, your love surrounds me! Thank you!”

Aldo enjoys his holiday and honor God each night for his life.

Love and peace. Retha

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