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I was ministering in De Doorns and Stellenboch last week. A woman came to me and told me that they were also involved in a car accident, but she lost all her memory. Her beloved husband married her again and they are fine now, a whole new life for them. He also explained to me how he has a new wife now, all the old things have passed away and everything is brand new now! She has a new character, new ways of doing things, all new.

Yes, that is God’s plan with Jesus’ blood. He wants to make all of us brand new: new character, new way of doing things – God’s way, not our way. As I listened I thought to myself, wow, she has nothing to make her look back. It is all the "looking back" that makes life difficult for us. God wants us to focus on what is ahead of us and not behind. His blood took my past away!

I don’t care if you have been a prostitute, a thief, a drug dealer, a churchgoer or whatever... a new life is only a prayer away! If you ask God to take over your life and give everything to Him, something supernatural will happen to you on the inside. You will be born again. The Word says that if you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you will be born again.

I know today that you are only born again on the day when you realize you can not any longer do it yourself. If you still have plans to fix your own life, you are not ready yet.

But what about your past? You feel so guilty about it! When you’ve been born again and made a new creature in Christ, your past doesn’t belong to you anymore. The blood of Jesus blots it out. You and I are in the same position as that woman! We have no past, only a future. Your life begins all over the day you make Jesus Lord of your life. Then when Satan comes around to remind you of your past, you can tell him, “What past?”. You have been waiting long enough. There is no need to wait any longer. The prison door is open. Walk through to Jesus and let your new life begin today.

As I drove away that night, I was so thankful to God that He took my past away. That beautiful woman and I are actually in the same place. We have no past! Only a future in Christ. Thank you Lord for Your blood. Thank you for my new life in You.

1 John 5:4 Whatever is born out of God is victorious over the world and this is the victory that conquers the world, even your faith.

Believe the Word of God. It is the Word that will separate you from the world. Dream your new world. His Word will set His dream for victory into motion in your life. Receive His Word and believe it, speak it and act upon it. God’s Word will take you into your new life.



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