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YHVH God is with me

22 September 2016

YHVH God is with me

Our Abba Father wants us to live life to the fullest. He gave us His Word to teach us how to live this life of faith.

Philippians 4:13 I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency].

But sometimes in our subconscious mind (spirit mind) there are many voices, voices of defeat. “You are unable, you are not good enough, you are a looser, you have no strength to do this task”, – or voices of the past generations that prompt you to do what they did. These would be the generational spirit enticing you to walk in the same iniquities of your forefathers. Or it can even be the voices of the painful memories of your wounds of rejection.

Only through faith can these thoughts be defeated. We need to take the key of faith and open up YHVH’s Kingdom. We need to start reading His Word and proclaiming it.

Speak life, so that you can live life!

If you are filled with insecurities, you can acknowledge them and knock them out of your mind by trading them for Truth on the trading floor of the Kingdom of YHVH, through the Blood of the Lamb. Take all your thoughts captive into obedience to Christ (2 Cor 10:5). Repent of the negative thoughts and trade them with thoughts of life.

Matthew 17:20 If you have faith…. nothing will be impossible to you.

Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us?

Feed your spirit mind with words of life. Whatever you feed your mind; that is what you will become. I have learned that the mind is like a womb and thoughts are like seeds. Every thought that I accept will sprout and become a tree bearing those fruits. So by faith in the Name of Yeshua, I abort and uproot all negative thought ‘trees’ from my mind – I no longer want to eat of the same dark fruits over and over again. The cycle needs to be broken.

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

Instead of thinking thoughts of defeat and ineffectiveness, think thoughts of faith and courage. So many people are sitting with thoughts of hate and bitterness. Maybe you do not know what those thoughts do in the spirit. They are like signals or frequencies emanating from you. Almost like a sound being released shouting all the time – Hate! Hate! Hate! Everything that can and wants to associate with that sound of hate then latches onto you in the spirit – increasing the frequency of hate even more and placing you further in bondage. All those nasty, bizarre, worry and fear thoughts are not from YHVH. Repent and trade them.

If your thoughts are dark, ask YHVH to switch on His light in your thoughts.

Start to ponder on gratitude and faith and your attitude will change.

Ask Abba Father for His perfect will in your life and invite Him into all your thoughts every day.

Get up and start moving – you have no idea how good exercise is for you. Even if you just start walking!

Stay in now consciousness! Don’t sit and day dream, you need to be in ‘now’. God is in now, not at any other place.

Start living more healthy through what you eat and by drinking enough water.

Get a hunger for God’s Word. A strong active mind is much harder to attack.

Start listening to Worship music. You can join in singing. Worship is the highest form of warfare.

Start counting your blessings. Satan will hate it if he wants you to feel sorry for yourself and you start counting your blessings. This is how you break the demonic feeding from your mind.

Do something for someone else. Life is not only about you and everyone needs to feel sorry for you. Stop – and look around. Where can you serve?

Write an e-mail, or thank you letter to a friend or to your children. Just start to recognise how people love you.

Be kind to the people around you, even when you go shopping.

Take some flowers to someone. Start a vegetable garden!!!!!

What about a warm smile where there is always a self-pity grin on your face. Trade it for a beautiful smile.

Pray on your knees while you have knees. Pray and ask YHVH to make you a blessing to others. Trade all those demonic curses and bad words you normally utter; to becoming a blessing to others.

Ask Yeshua to remove all the dark beings from you and fill you with His Light and truth, and Holy Spirit.

Ask that He will sever all dark connections leading to you and rescue and remove the sources of these connections. Close the demonic portals and stay away from negative people. Surround yourself with life!

All the thoughts of greed, pride, impatience, hate, bitterness, vindictiveness, jealousy, lust and easily bruised ego are all thoughts that originate in darkness. Don’t be fooled to think they are from God’s Kingdom.

Do anything and everything as unto YHVH and not as unto man. Your spirit will be filled with joy, peace, hope, compassion, gratitude, faith and you will start to feel how His life will flow through you.

Start focusing on giving, and not on receiving!

Start focusing on how can I care for others, and stop sulking that nobody cares for you.

Let go of your fears, worries and give it all to Yeshua, He will take care of you – you can trust Him. You simply say, “I can trust You, Yeshua”.

Bless those who curse you – you can turn any attack into an opportunity. Start praying for those who hate you and the enemy cannot come close to you. The demonic stays in and latches onto you if you carry thoughts of bitterness. Turn the darts of the enemy into an opportunity for goodness.

Keep a goal in mind. Many people are most vulnerable when they are purposeless or confused. Always have a dream and any dream needs a goal. Have a goal for every day.

Be proactive. You cannot pray to YHVH to give you a job, but you don’t go out and seek for employment of some sort. You still have a part in this life.

Do not get drunk! So many spirits and dead human spirits enter into people when they get drunk or pass out. The enemy wants to get you into a state called ‘tranced-out’ (spaced out), where you are not in ‘now’. There they can invade you and take over your life. So many people go into that trance on medicine, drugs, alcohol, games and so many other things removing you from ‘now’ awareness. When this happen the Godly gatekeepers depart and all your gates are open to a takeover of darkness to enter into you and use you to be their slave.

What do you allow to get in through your eye gates as you are watching unpleasant acts of nastiness, witchcraft and evil movies or pornography? All these allow evil spirits to enter because you gave them permission. It is all about your free will choices. What do you allow?

Keep your mind in ‘now’ and don’t let it wander. If you struggle to stay in now, stay clear of rote or mind numbing tasks and activities like knitting or watching TV soapies. Try to find the ‘triggers’ that hurt you and make you go down the path of negative thinking and submit these to Yeshua. Ask Him to change your ways and to direct your steps.

If it is really bad and you are experiencing all kinds of illnesses or bad thoughts and spiritual attacks, please go for help. YES, medication can help. If I think about depression for example – it is a vicious cycle of being affected by negative thoughts and dark subconscious influences. I believe that medicine is like a bridge that helps you to get to the wound or open door that caused it. You have to go there and deal with the darkness and demonic at the very root. But if you use the medicine and don’t use it for a bridge, it only becomes a crutch and you will limp in the spirit forever. Get an anti-depressant, or appropriate medication that can help you to face the wounds. It is not forever; Holy Spirit will never leave you nor forsake you. Give Him your hand and allow Him to put the light on your pain.

Start filling your mind with affirmations of God’s Word.

You have to listen to me today – Almighty YHVH God will see you through. Start practicing this truth – ‘God is with me’.

God YHVH is helping me.

He is guiding me. Stay in His presence and allow your spirit heart to turn to Him.

Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. – To be happier and healthier you need to renew your mind. And that is a change of thoughts and thought patterns. Take my advice today and it will bring you a mind filled with peace. It will produce health and well-being. Trade all the dark thoughts, through forgiveness and the Blood of Yeshua for new forgiving thoughts.

Yes, darkness is covering the earth and every day I see and receive so many mails of people that have symptoms of depression and darkness in their minds. But I am not moved by what I see, because the Word of God also says – in the last days He will pour out His spirit on our sons and daughters and we will see the Acts church arise! I truly believe that with all my heart. For those who deal with whatever is still in them, they WILL see His anointing poured out on them. We need to get our spirit hearts filled with the oil of Holy Spirit while there is still time.

I bless you with courage to go to your wounds and to be transformed in your spirit heart and mind.

We have a men’s seminar the end of October at Wortelgat – Stanford. My Josh turned 15 this week, so I invited him and a friend with Tinus to join us for the weekend. I believe he is old enough to start attending the meetings. I see what they as young men are confronted with; they all need to hear the truth. If you have a young man in your house, invite him as well. They are most welcome.

For enquiries about the Men’s Camp at Wortelgat, Stanford, contact Hanli Goosen at

Love to you – Retah and family

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