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There is more, there is so much more!

15 November 2016

There is more, there is so much more!

What is intimacy with YHVH really about?

Philippians 3;8 ‘’I consider everything loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Yeshua my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things”

This time of the year is a busy time. We are all running around and so many meetings, seminars and deadlines to make. Josh is writing exams and me and Tinus are both so busy. I found myself on the airplane back from NY just closing my eyes and seeking His breath more than anything ells. The quietness of 16 hours journey back home is always a blessing to me. My soul cannot be satisfied until it becomes still and enter into the heart of my Abba. That is called intimacy with the Living God YHVH.

We are called to dwell in the secret place of the Most High, where we become still and gaze upon His beauty. We all know that you become what you gaze upon. I nestle myself into that small chair of SAA, and as I close my eyes I nestle into His heart. This is the place where I have my being – In His heart! People ask me often – isn’t it difficult for you to travel so much? No, because home is where your heart is.. He is always with me and I am never alone! My hearts home is in the mist of His heart ,that is the place of intimacy.

1 Corinthians 2;9 ‘ No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what YHVH has prepared for those who love him.”

Into the depths of YHVH, that is where He wants to take us. But we need to go there. We need to live there. He wants to reveal the things of the Spirit to us by His Holy Spirit who searches out everything and shows us - even YHVH,s deep secrets. You cannot expect to receive these mysteries by living a life of the flesh. It is only when we are willing to move into the Spirit that we experience the fullness of His intimacy. For many years we have been struggling to understand the battles we fight in our journey with Aldo. We fight “death “for so many years over his life, and I did not had anyone to run to , except Yeshua Himself. There in his heart he revealed to me the mysteries of His Kingdome, and today I know that He himself wants to teach us. Step by step, I learned, and I am still learning every day. But in Him, we received answers, keys, truths and that sets us free!

We have to unlock our Spirit hearts. Then YHVH will become real and He will reveal Himself to those who seek Him. He so loves us, and yearns to have an intimate relationship and friendship with Him. The time with Him is a time to enjoy fellowship, to walk in his garden and to see what he shows and teaches you. Many people only know how to reach him true the soul. Reading, singing – but he says, those who worship me must worship me in Spirit. We need our souls to come in obedience to our spirit, by the calling of Holy Spirit. It is not difficult to see if someone is walking in intimacy with Yeshua, because the fruit of the spirit will be evidence of walking in oneness with Him. A tree is known by its fruits. You don’t need to say anything, your live speaks volumes!

With intimacy we allow YHVH to look into our hearts, and He allows us to look into His heart. I just love this - to see what he sees, to hear what he hears, to love what he loves, and to hate what he hates. We experience life through His breath, and all our desires start to match his desires. It is a journey, where your soul finds its true home. Were we entering in through the wounds of Yeshua, and we partake by eating His flesh and drinking His blood.

Hosea 6;3.3 “ Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him! Then He will respond to us as surly as the arrival of dawn or the coming of the rains in early spring.”

We ran the NY Marathon, and it was surly a highlight of my year! What an experience, so many people running and so many people cheering you on. What a privilege I had to just ran and pray for the beautiful country and the election. How glad I am for the miracle that YHVH did with the election. I truly believe the jezebel house have tumbled, but with a lot of anger in the air! I could just smile – because God YHVH loves America, and where people pray – He listens. So much mercy on America! But please don’t stop praying, now more than ever. In the spirit you see how the enemy are still making plans against the results. May be you don’t understand YHVHs ways that He allows Donald Trump, but I want you to know that YHVH God is not making a mistake here. Go will use him in ways that we will never imagine. Let’s keep on praying for Donald Trump, God is busy empowering the church, he is empowering the nation of the United states so that there will be a new sound echoing tin the spirit – God is our answer! America will be a better place as we all stay in Him YHVH our King!

Stay more than ever on your face, stay in His heart, stay in the spirit – this my friend is called ‘life”.

I bless you with His love and peace.

Retah and family.

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