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Whats on your tray

The “Volksblad’s“ heading reads, “Jails are praying for Mrs. SA’s son.”

A special day of prayer was called in the jails for Aldo. The inmates decided by themselves to support us in this way. “Lord, I thank You very much.” I can see that you are working in a miraculous way. Before the accident, we visited one jail in Pretoria and the inmates don’t know what a huge impact they had on my life.

That evening after the visit on our way home, while I was crying, I told Tinus that we are nothing better than them. One wrong choice in your life and you will ‘eat’ it the rest of your life. They chose to make the best of what was on their trays. Each of us has a tray, I learned from them to make the best of what was on my tray, that evening.

Love, Retha

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