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Come Lord Jesus, come!

Father, there is so many things I want to ask, so many things that I am dependent on You for. “It is so easy Retha, if you remain in Me, and My Words remain in you, you can ask whatever you want and you will receive it.” The Word says it, I believe it and it is so!

Aldo wrote exams and passed it supernaturally. There is many days that I can’t stop the grateful tears flowing. God is still the same God of Abraham. The Word is the truth and full of blessings, but we don’t claim it for ourselves. I learned to take it and live it and it is a great joy!

Saturday night I was sitting with friends around their dying son’s bed. In the past I would not have been able to do it. It was a joy to once again experience God’s greatness. The Holy Spirit showed me when there was only one hour left to go, it was time to say goodbye. What an immense privilege to have the time to say good bye.

It was very precious to experience a family’s love for each other. The Holy Spirit filled the room and I felt like falling on my knees to worship God. We celebrate communion and the peace of God fills the room, more, more and still more. Kobus opened his precious eyes, which were lifeless, and suddenly they are alive again. He smiles the most beautiful, heavenly smile and I realise that he is looking into Jesus’ eyes. Jesus was there and He came to get him. He closed his eyes again. It was exactly 43 minutes since the Holy Spirit showed me the time was short.

Kobus was perfect again and in the arms of Jesus, in the Throne Room of God. After what we went through with Aldo, I know that life after death is much more precious than our earthly lives. Aldo talks about it a lot and we learn much from him. He often prays Jesus please come and get us soon! (For a 12-year-old boy, that says a lot!) “Kobus, you are perfect now in the loving arms of Jesus. We miss you a lot, but Aldo tells us you are very happy where you are now and I believe him. It is very difficult for us as parents to let our children go.”

Jesus understands it, because we are His children. It is just as difficult for Him if we don’t want to serve Him and don’t want to love Him and leave Him in the same manner.

Daddy Jesus, thank You that we can experience You as a supernatural God. I never want it to be different again. All of us go through the fire at some time of our lives, but I can witness to it that we don’t burn. We are just purified, and the more pure we become the longer we can look in your eyes. I love You so much.

To everybody that reads this, thank you that I can share my heart with you all. It is very special to me.

Love Retha

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