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We must overcome all levels of fear, stress and anxiety

5 December 2018

We must overcome all levels of fear, stress and anxiety

Fear is one of the enemy’s most destructive weapons. Sometimes, fear disguises itself as stress and anxiety. Together, they form a dark three-fold cord of control. If darkness can get us to doubt God and to let fear lead us, he has control over our lives. By allowing fear, stress and anxiety to control us, we choose to bow before Baal and worship him with offerings of fear. These fear-based offerings become strongholds within us.

Fear, stress and anxiety as markers are passed on from one generation to another. WHAT YOU HOLD ON TO, YOU PASS ON.

Instead of fear, faith in God can be passed on. Paul said about Timothy when he looked at him – “I see faith in you. Your mother and grandmother prayed and trusted God”.

In so many homes fear is the bond that tie parents and children together. Children are scared of their parents instead of being in awe with the fear of God.

2 Corinthians 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down of strongholds.

Our cells carry cell memory. Fear as a stronghold is also a marker on our cells. When fear is part of our generational legacy our cells carry the sounds and vibrations of fear, stress and anxiety. The more adrenaline (fear), the deeper the vibrations are engraved on our cells. And the deeper the fear memories are embedded.

We listen and respond to the dark vibrations of our cell memory and their reality shape our core beliefs. Our emotional systems become imbalanced, because these dark mantles over our minds control our lives.

Romans 13:12 We also unravel the works of darkness and clothe ourselves in the armor of light.

Yes, I do write a lot about this subject, because I walk a difficult journey with a severe head injured child. Because of the extent of our accident, a lot of trauma was lodged into his heart. Fear clamped down, sealing off and hiding the broken parts of his heart, just like Lazarus.

It was only years later that I realized that we all have broken parts that are controlled by fear – we all struggle to trust God.

And so, my personal journey of healing started. One of the things Abba taught me, was that I needed to wear the armour of light. I have to get rid of all darkness and always choose light and truth. I even wrote a book on this subject.

(Semone, sit ons boek oor Light and Truth se prentjie hier in,en n link waar dit gekoop kan word op die web)

Light is the most powerful weapon that exist and no demon can oppose it. You see – the Light is God Himself! We are light carriers, carrying the light of Christ inside us.

John 1:4,5  In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it]. 

In South Africa, we are all too familiar with the term ‘Load shedding’ – this term is used to indicate that we would have extensive power outages – most inconvenient.

As load shedding became more and more common, we realized that we can sit in the darkness all night or make a plan – buying torches, candles and oil lamps. The same is true of our spiritual condition. It might be dark, but we can make a choice – Christ in us – the Light of the world.

The moment light manifests, darkness disappears – automatically! Many people ask; if Jesus is then living within me, why then don’t the darkness disappear, automatically?

We need to understand that when a door is closed the light will not shine into a room. In the same manner the Light of Jesus is shut out and blocked by the structures of bondage around our spirits, souls, bodies and cells.

If my Lazarus is still in the grave – there is a stone in front of the grave sealing off the light. This seal is in my soul, on my mind as well as on my blood (epigenetics). With this seal in place, my spirit, soul and body will continue to manifest darkness.

In my spirit I will say, “I cannot hear God – the seal is blocking His voice”.

In my soul I will say, “I cannot think clearly, it is as if my mind is covered and confused”.

In my flesh sickness and symptoms will manifest.

The veils of darkness are like solid blindfolds. Yes, Christ is in us, and the light exists, it dwells in us – but the wickedness of fear, trauma, unbelief and iniquity shuts it out.

You have to know that the presence of the light in God’s children is one thing, but the visible manifestation through our lifestyle is quite another.

As a newborn Christian we immediately through faith in Christ have His power within us. But, it will only manifest in us after our old self (veils) are removed. The alabaster jar, needs to break in front of Jesus, then the beautiful fragrance of surrender will be released through us. A life laid down – a living sacrifice.

This year, God, in all His mercy, led us to a natural product that does the same as a water fast. It breaks the seals on cell level causing a war on cellular level to manifest. The seals cause our blood chemistry to be out of balance creating all types of illnesses in body, soul and spirit.

But of course, nothing without prayer. Jesus said ‘fast and pray’. If you are interested you can contact me via email.

I know that God has heard my prayer for we have broken through such deep levels of trauma. This is not a quick fix, but an amazing tool on our road to healing. Every day the veil is increasingly lifted, allowing Light to enter. As Jesus said “The Truth shall set you free”.

We just returned from our Israel tour and as always it was life changing! Thank you to everyone that joined us, I can see how we all came back changed by His love.

I want to thank you for all your love and kindness towards my family and I.

I can never thank God enough for all your love and prayers.

Our prayer is that Abba Father will flood your lives with His grace and favour in everything you do!

God bless you my dear friend and give you peace.

Retah and family

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