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Family time – time to build relationships.

23 December 2018

Family time – time to build relationships.

What a wonderful time of year. Spending time with those you love. It is so important to be close, share our hearts, laugh together and even wipe the tears from each other’s faces.

We have the privilege to go to our little beach house and share it with our children. Aldo is very vulnerable, so it is the best for us to just spend time with him at home. Having a brain injured child change your whole world. You cannot do what everyone else do – but we have learned to adapt and enjoy every moment together.

Relationships require time and effort, two things that most people are not willing and sometimes not able to give.

Relationships are built on love and trust.

Jesus Christ came to restore us to a relationship with the Father. Maybe this is a good time to build on that relationship?

In the book of John, as Jesus was spending His last hours teaching His disciples, He explained the He would die, but that He also would be raised from the dead. He promised that He would send His Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Spirit of Grace and Truth to us.

The Comforter would live inside us. Holy Spirit’s love would draw us and keep us into a relationship with the Father.

The same with our relationships with our family and friends. To love one another, trust one another, respect and value one another is of great value when we build relationships.

Similarly, when we come to know the love of God and His great goodness, we will realize the value of this great relationship with the King.

Spend time with Him, time to love Him, trust Him, value Him and obey Him. In this holiday times – make time for Him.

Become quiet and just listen to His voice.

Ask Him to show you the next step – and spend time just loving Him!

You will be refreshed and filled with new vision for the new year.

I just want to thank everyone around the world that loves us, cares for us, sowed into our lives, or just prayed for us. Even that is such valuable seed.

I went for a walk this morning, thinking how tough this year was – but the next thought was “how good God is!”

His love never fails us – He is such a good Father!

“Thank you” is really such a small word. But if you could see how deep it comes out of my heart, you would know that it is a real heavy word that weighs a lot in the spirit.

May you have a blessed time with your family.

Building relationships and love one another.

We only have today – let’s celebrate life and enjoy every moment.

Retah and family.

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