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True brokenness brings freedom

2 October 2012

After 10 days in Europe we are back home. We ministered in a church in Germany (Billefeld) were I really experienced the love of YHVH. I think what impressed me most was how prepared the people were to face the truth about the condition of their hearts.  Actually, I want to add our hearts – because believing a lie – that we are OK, and living in pride - is what keeps our hearts hardened.  A hardened heart blinds us so that we cannot see the truth of our own condition. We all have to face the true condition of our hearts – because only the truth will set us free.

We had an amazing weekend of services filled with Holy Spirit’s presence.  The highlight for me was Sunday night when I spoke about the Father’s heart. The love of Yeshua became so tangible, that no, but no, demons of hardened hearts, hatred and bitterness could stand in that presence of His love. People fell on their faces and we all started to repent of the iniquity and sin of hate and murder in ourselves and our bloodlines. Change comes with a real broken, repentant heart - when we start to recognise what our hardened hearts did to us and others. A real deep brokenness came over us. As we corporately repented the blood of the Lamb washed all our sin and iniquity away and our hearts were readied to be filled with His love. Demons had to flee and a huge deliverance took place, right there. We had communion and YHVH did an amazing thing in all of our hearts. The shofar was blown and a blessing was spoken over Israel.

Wow, what can I say – the anointing was so, so thick because of true repentance and brokenness. Thank you Yeshua for your blood, thank You for the prize that You have paid that we can be free indeed. I believe with all of my heart that you are going to see a great, great revival in Germany, this is just the beginning!!!

But how my heart sadness when I think of the “body of Christ” – us all! We think we have to impress God with our works and doings. But instead He is waiting for a broken heart who really, really yearns to be one with Yeshua in Spirit and Truth. Over time our sin and pride becomes like a veil over our eyes that blinds us and hardens our hearts so that we cannot see our true condition. So we strive for more and we eventually become driven by spiritual pride and jealousy and then idolatry takes over. How is it possible that we struggle to see the conditions of our own hearts? Because the sin in us, carries a lie, and that we accept as truth. That is the enemies plan – to keep us away from the truth or to deceive us with half truths! As I looked at all the people on their faces corporately repenting of hate and murder and bitterness, and I saw what YHVE did for them, my heart cried out ‘Why Lord, Why can’t we choose humbleness??? Why pride, why pride??? Why do people want to be who they are not???

All the idols in our hearts are keeping us away from brokenness. Did you know that even your pain can be an idol? That you can even be your own idol? Brokenness before God brakes the power of our idols that want us to stand on our own strength. People are so afraid to be dependent on Yeshua, they are so afraid of being humble. With brokenness, I mean the true brokenness that opens up your heart to acknowledge your idols and then repent of them that is what will bring down the walls of pride. And only then can we be just who God made us to be!

The Word explains that Saul’s heart was filled with idols of pride and jealousy. (1 Sam 28:15) Saul could weep, seek prophetic Words or pray for dreams, but the Lord answered: ’No Saul, I am not talking to you anymore, because your heart is captivated by idols”. Or we can read about Ephraim who repented, and who turned away from his idols, smashing them – and after that he was instructed by the Lord. (Jer 31:9) He was saying to us: ‘I had idols (sin) in my heart and went and repented before the Lord with a broken heart.  I had no choice but to leave my idols, smashing them to bits. Then alone could I get clear instructions from the Lord.’ Let’s check the condition of our hearts with Holy Spirit helping us, ready and prepared to face the truth.

It works the same with love. If you don’t experience Gods love, go and smash all your idols in your heart – everything that you love more than you love God! In Germany, I saw with my own eyes how big men cried and cried on their faces, how YHVH touched their hearts and how His love started to flow through them. And for the first time many of them experienced true LOVE. An old lady in her 80’s attended the whole weekend and she repented for her forefather’s hate before the King. Her little face was wet with tears as Yeshua’s love was flowing through her.

The time in Germany and our connection with the people was ‘one of the best days of my (our) life’.  We were amazed that we felt so ’at home’. As South African’s many of our forefathers come from Europe and we could feel the connection. What a beautiful country, and yes, the same hardness that their hearts have, we also have in South Africa. But – but – but – I know God can do anything, and He allowed me to see that no heart is to hard for Him to break – that is if you allow Him to do that.

In South Africa we truly experience a move of Holy Spirit, yes, people are hungry and ready to hear, but I don’t see the same level of real brokenness before God. The pride is still too big and our hearts are still too hard. In Germany, Tinus and I spoke about this late into the nights. It is shame and pride that keep people from bowing before the Living God and surrendering everything to Him. Our only hope and answer is to bring our brokenness before God and allowing Him to deal with it. God will only move as far as you open up your heart to Him – and mostly, that is as far as your pride will allow you to. There, in church, in Germany – nobody was looking around, no! – everybody was busy with God and crying out to Him, repenting and being filled with His love. Healing took place, hardened hearts were healed and forgiveness flowed – all through His LOVE!!!!!

All too soon it was time to leave Germany and to go on to Italy. At the airport we had the strangest experience. As we checked in and went through to the lounge, we prayed and thanked Yeshua for the wonderful time we had. We all sat with tears in our eyes, crying. Josh said ‘Mom, why is it that I don’t want to leave here? Aldo said, ‘I feel the same!’ ‘It is OK,’ I said ‘it is just because we had a taste of YHVH’s END TIME PLAN – HEALING, RESTORATION, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HUMBLENESS, KINDNESS, - So that you, we, all of us, could experience His love in and through the body of Christ.’

To all the people that was part of making this trip so wonderful – thank you so very, very much. It is so humbling for me to see how people just love and accept me and my whole family. We had a good trip - challenging in Italy - but we had to go and do in the spirit what YHVH had asked. And yes, the attacks were send - the enemy knows and sees. But God, would not ask you to do something, if He will not also protect you through it. So, we went and learned a lot in the spirit!

This weekend I am in Cape Town doing a men’s seminar, but after that I cancelled 4 weekends, as well as my America trip in October. I have a book to finish by the end of October and I am also busy recording our God TV series for Africa that starts in November 2012 – you will also be able to view this via the internet.  I came to a place where I realized I can only do this much. God does not want me, or requires me, to work till I drop. He spoke to me after our accident and said ‘Retah, I will enlarge your tent pens, I will help you, I am giving you a new way  - trust in Me!’

So, with a thankful heart I give every second of my day in Yeshua’s hands and know that He will take control of my life. That is why I truly believe that the new program “Walk by faith” on God TV are a gift out of God’s hands. Even if the production costs for God TV are very costly for us, by faith, in Christ Yeshua as our provider I will do the program. I know He will not forsake us, just as He has provided till this day for us. I truly believe that when God gives you a vision, He will also give you the provision.

Love, love and so much love to you all that are so good to us, and pray for us – thank you! We have made so many new friends in Christ all over the world. From America, Asia, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, Europe, Africa and India – we are all the same, because we are all loving and serving the same God YHVH.   And even if I have not met you, thank you for just loving us. We are a normal family just like you – we all have challenges in life and we learn from each other. One body in Christ – lets love one another!

Father in Yeshua’s name we pray that You will teach us Your ways. Your body cries out ‘please forgive our hardened hearts’. Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done in our lives – because there we will find peace, always.

Retah and family

Yeshua will be with you. A war embankment is people’s words.

Hannah is not afraid of anything, she knows Yeshua will never leave her or forsake her. A remnant is busy preparing. Samuel says thank you Hannah.  Samuel says thank you for calm, purposeful support. (You heard God say: “Now is the time that My thoughts must be your thoughts”) Hannah laughs because she sees and experience that YHVH are faithful. In my soul were sorrow, on-going sorrow and pain (trauma), sorrow and pain (trauma) that went deep into my spirit.

Hannah helped Samuel to go to his subconscious. Dew love of Yeshua puts the Glory Light on in the true sorrow of experiencing the realm of the dead. For so long did you pray Hannah, thank you. Peacefully the Glory Light came on in my deep, deep, deep pain. Wisdom helped me to break the seal that held my pain. The seal were a lie that Satan used to keep the pain shut. Hannah you are right, this raw pain curse is from Satan. They fled when Wisdom showed me the truth. Thank You for Your Glory Light on my deep sorrow and pain. I am thankful to Hannah, my mom who kept on praying in the Throne Room. The frame that kept the curse in place where the lies of Satan.

You will see the “rawness” of our pain is used to hurt our minds and bodies. Mum, you will see the sun will shine again in the morning. Thank you that you don’t give up. Thank you also for what you teach Josh. You know Mum, what Wisdom teaches you, you must teach to His children. The thoughts of the children as well as of adults are raw and full of pain and full of trauma. Will you immediately start teaching them what Yeshua taught you? Barren souls cry out for help. A lot is caught in the realm of the dead because they once had death wishes or to give up on life (they had thoughts of giving up, thoughts on suicide, thoughts that it would be better to die than to face the situation.) There are an order in the realm of the dead that want to keep the trauma captive and kill the people (manifest in different kinds of sicknesses), because they made a covenant with death.

Hannah we are no longer in the valley of death! Thank you so much Yeshua! Hannah will you keep on praying for Israel? Pray His blessings over them that they will realize who the Messiah is. Thank you, I am so thankful the crying is over and my soul and spirit are in the hands of Jesus Christ!

Love Aldo

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