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The Blood of the Lamb recreates

12 December 2012

We as a family were in a war for so many years. And step by step we overcame everything through the Blood of the Lamb. Our fight was as deep as in our DNA. With the help of Wisdom (Holy Spirit) He led us to rebuild the walls of our city (soul) and to go as deep as in our DNA and to cleanse our DNA of the sins, iniquity and transgressions of our previous generations as well as our own. What came up the whole time was Baal. Yeshua kept on speaking to us about the stronghold of Baal in our family line. He said that no breakthrough will come before we did not finally deal with Baal and divorce Baal. That the fullness of what He has for us will never break trough if we did not cleanse our DNA and be freed from Baal. Our fight was severe and intense. I don’t even want to go there again, all I know is that it was a battle of life and death. But Wisdom gently led us step by step. (Just as I believe that Wisdom will lead you every step of the way) After many torments, even Aldo fighting for live and death, we went to the DNA, that was not easy, but we knew that if we do not go there, we will never experience the full freedom that YHVH has in store for us. It was very strange to people when I started talking about the cleansing of the DNA, but I knew Wisdom will not lead us there if He does not want us to be free. It was prayers, petitions, repentance and we fought for our bloodline to be free and clean. My generation came out of a lot of bloodshed, hate (Racism) and immorality (Baal).

Well if you read Aldo’s letters below, you will see that we overcame all of it with the Blood of the Lamb. The pieces of your soul that’s in pain are held captive by the strongman (most of the time Baal). But the good news is that the Blood of Yeshua carries the ability to recreate. Memories are like links in the DNA strand, they are often so buried because of pain, that they are hidden away in iron caskets instead of being brought to the Light to be washed and refreshed, and the DNA restored to YHVH’s original plan for your life.

“My children, ask Me if you can look at the plan for your life through the filter of My Blood. In that way you will know that you are looking at absolute truth. As you continually walk in the access of My Blood, you and your divine destiny will melt into each other. No lie can live in My Blood because I AM the Truth, the Life and the Way and you will find Truth, the reality of Life, and the WAY made open to you as you stay within the realms of My Blood. I recreate you, straighten and strengthen your DNA and make you abundantly prepared for your destiny. “

I received an email this week from someone in America with links about a radio show of Sid Roth with John Benefield. Wow, how that blessed me. Because after years of fighting Baal in our DNA, WE OVERCOME, all through the Blood of Yeshua, and afterwards we went to court in Heaven. I attached all these links to you that they send me, because it will help you alot! Even the video attachments of Dr Myles Francis. I was surprised, how faithful is our God that He just want to show me, “Retah you did what I asked you to do, and that is exactly what I want My bride to learn.” Aldo writes, “Teach them! Teach the Bride to cleanse their DNA, please mom”

We are having a wonderful time, we just miss Tinus a lot (he is coming in a few days). The kids are having fun. Semoné and I run every morning, while Josh J-Board with us . Later in the afternoons  Josh, Aldo en George plays soccer and the girls cheer them on while they enjoy the sun on the stoep. Grandma spoils us with wonderful food every night, and the rest of the time we are all in the Word, enjoying Holy Spirit's love and guidance.

When I read Aldo’s letters, I just can say – Thank You for the Blood of the Lamb Yeshua!

We love You Lord!

Retah and family.

"Son Samuel can see Heaven. Do you see Retah, Samuel will help Hanna, Debora( He calls Retah that) gently I will help you, were you Mom need to teach people what we've been going through. Jesus Christ says that Mom must teach people to clean their DNA. Ruth they must divorce Baal in the court at YHVH. Mom tell them that Nehemiah's wall helped us a lot. Wisdom says that Samuel can see how free we are. Thank You Yeshua, our word is "Thank You"

Love Aldo"

"Wisdom will teach you. He says when His Spirit lives in you, there is Humbleness in you. People will experience a gentle heart. Samuel can see Heaven again. We who love Him will dans on the sea of glass. Remnant are those who are sold out and who lay down their life for YHVH. Thank You, so Thank You Yeshua our previous war has passed. Samuel thirsts for Living water. Hanna(Retah) is peacefull at the sea. She is red (covered with the Blood of the Lamb). The Blood of Yeshua saved our DNA. Mom we are free, we are Free!

Wisdom says thank you, you who lay down your lives will thuirst for Living water. Son Samuel is peacefull he heard YHVH say, "Samuel the work that we must do is teach My children". She (Ruth, Hanna, Debora) is so thankfull because Baal is destroyed in our DNA

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