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The word Love

Since Aldo started writing I asked him a lot of questions to determine if he had any amnesia. Aldo can remember everything. Everything at school and home, even where we go on holiday. God spared his brain completely. Today after we finished with his schoolwork I told him he could write anything that was important to him and he wrote: “I love you mommy and daddy.” I cried so much, that what’s important to him. Lord, how will I ever be able to thank You enough? Aldo’s brain is functioning 100%.

We bought some property for an investment and Aldo went to look at it with us. We had to show him in writing what the profit would be and the expenses. Thank you Lord!! Aldo is back. He writes letters to 2 of his friends and invites them to go to the movies with him. We go to Menlyn on Sunday and he chooses the movie he wants to see. He decided on Garfield, I knew they have probably seen it before, but they both agreed to go watch it with us again.

Thank you God that we have no fear about his speech. The same way God did the miracle with Aldo’s brain, He will restore his speech. We never cease to pray and without doubt. Aldo’s right arm, which he writes with, is still spastic and his left eye is drooping and he can’t see with it. His writing has improved a lot, he is walking a lot better, but his balance is not restored yet. Susan gives such a lot of homework; we are dead tired when 1 o’ clock arrives. As soon as he worked through all this stuff he will be ready for university. There is nothing wrong with me and I can’t even remember everything. He has to remember ahead and behind. Things are going a bit fast at the moment. One day we were still doing only physical exercises and the next we are engulfed in the books.

One of the hired nurses speaks English to Aldo and claims that he doesn’t understand her, the next moment he writes to her: “I do understand you Johanna!” She didn’t know his English is probably even better than his Afrikaans. His English ability is still 100%. He goes to sleep later every night and writes down the weather for the next day each night after the weather prediction. He does all this with only one functioning eye.

Can you hear that God gave back my child to me? Completely! The rest will follow.

I ask him to do an exercise with a boy’s face, he is the boy, is he happy or sad? He draws a picture with a huge smile. Thank you Jesus!!!! Aldo is happy; apart from everything he is still happy.

Jesus says in His word, let it be with you according to your faith.

Greetings Retha

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