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The Righteous have never been forsaken - and you, will not be the exception.

11 September 2018

The Righteous have never been forsaken - and you, will not be the exception.

What an amazing privilege to live in God’s Kingdom, being recognized as the sons of God. Knowing and experiencing that our provision is from our Abba Father and not from the world systems.

We live in a time of much uncertainty in South Africa. We just entered into a technical recession. Our government is sending out signals of destruction and fear is tangible in the atmosphere.

Yet, we as sons of God have been given an incredible promise of provision even in times when provision seems scarce.

Ps 37:25 I have been young, and now I am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread.

I can testify of this truth – God is just faithful – always. We as a family went through a tough time this year and all that Abba said to me was, “Remember my dear child, you are in My Kingdom – one with Me. My Kingdom works on different principles than the world’s. Keep on doing what you have to do – and fear not! If I look after the birds in the air – why would I not look after you? Keep walking in righteousness”.

He uses everything that we surrender to Him to train our spiritual muscles.

Jesus Christ keeps on reminding us that no matter what is happening in the world, we just need to keep our trust in and focus on Him.

It is important to see that this promise is to the ‘righteous’, those who choose to live in God’s Kingdom.

Maybe you have been far from God, building your own kingdom and empowering yourself. When we operate in our own kingdom, we hold on to everything because of self-love and self-centeredness. But, in His Kingdom, He teaches us to sow in love and not to be afraid of tomorrow, worrying about what we will eat or drink.

He is waiting for you to return to Him. He will embrace you with the finest robe, covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ. We need to humble ourselves and repent of all our darkness, fear and selfishness. He cleanses us and clothes us with a cloak of righteousness.

Matt 6:33  But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

Keep on seeking God first, His righteousness and His work on earth and all the rest will be added unto you. This need to be the cry of our hearts:

‘Jesus, glorify Yourself through me – I surrender my life to You.’

Live Kingdom in the marketplace, be honest, be loyal, work hard, give your best, stand for the truth whilst everyone else is bowing down to Baal and his lies. Don’t fear and keep on trusting God!

I just want to thank everyone that showed us God’s faithfulness – through your obedience to Him. Thank you for demonstrating His heart to me in times of difficulty.

We as a family can just say, “Thank You Abba, and thank you very much for all your support and love”.

I pray that He will bless you in abundance – for all your seeds of love. May God provide abundantly for your interior and exterior needs. I pray that Abba will give us the heart and courage to stand for the Truth and keep on building His Kingdom.

It is so important to not walk in fear, but just to keep on walking in obedience and faith in God. As we do so, these promises will extend to our children and grandchildren.

So, let’s run the race of faith in Christ.

Remember – God makes a way where there seems to be no way.

Love to you all

Retah and family

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