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The hidden chambers in my heart

4 July 2018

The hidden chambers in my heart

Inside of Solomon’s temple were secret recesses; designed to store the priest’s items of worship used in the Holy Place and also used to display Israel’s treasures to remind the people of all that God had done for them.

Instead of using it for Gods glory, some of the priests stored their own personal family idols in there. They thought because it was secret and hidden – no one would see or even know that it is in there.

Many of the hidden things in our hearts are even hidden to ourselves – because we don’t spend time cleaning out our attics.

These secret hidden storage chambers of Solomon’s temple are the same as the hidden chambers in our hearts that stores our wounds, guilt, hate, hurt, anger and painful memories.

Many a time it will be thoughts and emotions that were so painful to deal with in our consciousness, that we stored it very deep, hoping that it will disappear as we don’t think of them. We just ‘cope’ and never speak about it again. Some children were raised like that – “put it behind you and don’t talk about it”. Many, many dark painful emotions are buried in the deep innermost hidden chambers of our hearts. We need to redeem those dark chambers – or subconscious mind.

Proverbs 20:27 “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts (hidden chambers).”

Proverbs 18:18 “The words of a talebearer are as wounds; they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.”

I have found that many pain and tormenting in people’s lives are the hurt and pain deep inside that was never dealt with. It can be even so that you cannot remember all the detail.

If you think about your attic, do you know exactly what is in there? How many things that you inherited are in there covered with dust?

God wants us to invite Him in those dark places, so that He can help us to empty out those dark broken debris.

When we have that darkness in us, there is no space for Holy Spirit in there.

The cleaning out process is called – renewing of the mind.

Whatever is in those chambers, is the exact thing that torments you today. It can even manifest in sickness – body, soul and spirit.

If you were molested as a child and hates that person, the enemy knows about your hate, your bitterness and your guilt in your attic, and he uses it all to kill, steal and destroy your life. You will be used in the spirit as you are still sitting in a prison having a mind filled with anger and bitterness. If you are a parent, you will be a gatekeeper to your children as you pass this dark marker on to them. And many a time I saw that exactly the same happened to the children. Then the broken heart part of your child joins the family prison. Many a time people will experience this in dreams as they are being tormented.

The thoughts and feelings of bitterness, hate and un forgiveness keep us in prisons. As long as we refuse to deal with the pain and anger in our hearts, Satan will have the right to use those hidden anger and pain as chains to keep us in prison.

We can start the process by asking God to expose what is really going on inside of our hidden chambers. There can be programming of rejection, self-hate and many more devastating triggers that have been programmed into us by our warped thoughts, emotions, feelings and dark thoughts as we never dealt with these pains. These lead to strongholds in our lives. But as we fast and pray(detox) these strongholds begin to break loose, and we can now deal with the pain.

God brought back into remembrance many things in my own life as I asked Him to put His light on while fasting and praying (detox supplement). It was hard for me to face, but I am so thankful that He showed me the hidden roots. I had to forgive, but most of all I could see how much freedom came to me and my children. I understand so much more about how we pass darkness on to the next generations (what you hold on you pass on).

What He taught me through all of this was – He wants you to acknowledge what happened to you, forgive, confess your anger, hate or whatever you carried and give it to God. He took that broken part of my heart out of that garbage, and cleansed it with the blood of Jesus Christ.

I am so very thankful to God how He helped us with the fasting and praying (detox supplement) process and taught me about the blood chemicals. As long as the stronghold is around the blood, it cannot break open to receive the truth. And only the truth sets us free!

You would be in shock if you would know all the darkness inside of man. That darkness is covered so deep that not even you yourself know it. We need the help of Holy Spirit to access our deep hidden part and expose the false, the lies that you believe about yourself, hidden beliefs and the pain that was done to you so that you can understand all your insecurities, fears and emotions.

I received an email of a dear woman who also has a brain injury. She fasted and end up in a mental hospital. You see, when you have an injury you will react more radical on a fast(detox). But today we know that it is not bad that those strongholds break loose. I thank my Abba Father for the blood chemicals supplements, because Aldo would never be able to fast that much.

When you fast and pray, or you use a blood chemical supplement – you have to deal (speak your anger even if it is to Jesus alone), confess, acknowledge, forgive and repent. Always ask Jesus Christ to take your broken heart part out of that memory. Break the curse and bless yourself and open up Gods Kingdom over your life. I can see how Aldo and all of us start to experienced freedom from so much trauma.

A remarkable journey of freedom. Step by step, one day at a time, we are taking ground. Every step is a powerful weapon as we allow God to give us strength and power to face all our pain. God wants us all cleansed and healed and filled with His fullness and divine life. It is a process, as we are changed into His likeness and walk in His love and Truth.

The great lesson I learned was that my broken heart part was captive all these years in the memory. Hidden deep within my spirit heart. I had to get my broken part out to receive freedom. Thank You for the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all your emails, It is wonderful to walk this journey together. We pray for you I thank God that I can share what we experience and together we can learn.

Thank you for your love towards us.

Retah and family.

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