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The Beauty in brokenness

24 February 2016

The Beauty in brokenness

2 Thess 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace Himself grant you His peace (the peace of His kingdom) at all times and in all ways [under all circumstances and conditions, whatever comes]. The Lord be with you all.

On our walk through life somewhere along the way we meet up with ‘brokenness’. Our reaction is mostly to run, hide or just to never face it. Some people just close their eyes and try to avoid it. Some cover it with lots of makeup and fancy clothes. Some cover it with perfectionism and run the race of life with a name tag of “don’t ever stop”.

Brokenness is a very quiet place; some call it a dark place. No, like everything else in life, it is what you make of it. What a beautiful place I found it to be – a place of real humbleness. It is a place where you will always find your Saviour. Yes, even in the darkest clouds, He is always there, just waiting for you to surrender. But, I also see that people don’t always respond to the brokenness inside of them and then they miss the opportunity to walk closely and humbly with Yeshua. They miss walking hand in hand with Him, seeing how He fights for you, defends you, guides you, gives you His Wisdom and frees you out of all darkness.

There will always be difficult circumstances in life, like – sickness, financial setbacks, brokenness, pain, relationships and the generational darkness that we all need to fight. It can be experienced as ‘overwhelmingly painful, wanting to break you’. I have learned however that it will never be able to destroy us - as long as we surrender all to Yeshua and allow Him to take control and teach us step by step.

It was only when I found myself more on my knees, on my face before the King, that I stood up one day and could see and feel that something has changed. The spirit deep inside of me released a beautiful fragrance of dependency upon YHVH. I realized I was created to release this beauty before Him, as a sacrifice unto Him. Yes, it is a beautiful gift that He bestows upon us, to be so dependent on Him alone. He created us and intended for us to walk in this beauty of knowing He will come through for us. But, we can delay the work of brokenness by not realizing that YHVH is the One working behind the difficult scenes of our lives.

When pressure comes from our circumstances, people close to us, our health, our situations, people quickly forget that YHVH is still in control and at work. I came to the conclusion that Yeshua loves us so much that He is the One who allows the darkness in us to surface, so that we can start dealing with it through true repentance. He so much wants that fragrance of dependency and love to be released from our hearts. He wants us to walk in Holiness, as He is Holy.

I think of Jonah, a very clever man. Busy with all his cleverness, he refuses to obey YHVH’s voice, and preach (tell them the truth) to those people who were out to kill him and his countrymen. The storm came and it tossed him into the belly of the fish. In there, in the darkness - he began to realize that YHVH’s hand was in this storm. He allowed this storm for Jonah to get to what he was called to do.

Jonah sat in the belly of the fish thinking – “So You cast me into the deep heart of the sea, with floods surrounding me, waves passing over me – You allowed this YHVH?” Not recognising or taking responsibility for his part in this drama.

What are you facing and who do you blame today for your struggles and the problems that you face? Today is a good time to stop blaming others, or your circumstances and to say, “Yeshua, you allowed for this darkness to surface in my life – so that I can bow my knees and start taking responsibility for my life. Thank You for granting me the spirit of repentance, teaching me to obey Your voice so that the darkness can come out of me.” This is how we get into the place of total dependency upon Him. This is the place where the beautiful fragrance of love and peace are released in our lives.

To understand that Yeshua is still in control helped me a lot to become less frustrated with the process of healing and the circumstances along the way. I look up and remind myself – He is behind it all! He wants the waves to shake me, so that all darkness can come out of me. He is always working behind the scenes. He wants me to release a fragrance of love wherever I go. And as long as there are any other fragrances released through me, He will allow the storm to shake me.

Self-love delays the process, because even though I know that YHVH is in control, I want it my way. Pain in the wounds can cry out, “Don’t trust anyone again, we were hurt before! I have learned my lesson, I will protect myself, I am not going to open my heart to anyone”.

Just like Jonah, “I am not going to obey your voice!’” Or are you more like the prodigal son? “I am not going to accept my Father’s love and forgiveness. I am not going to keep on loving, praying and do what YHVH called me to do – because people are on my case the whole day long?”

Yes, we can say all these things and protect ourselves. But you will remain intact and horribly broken inside.

We need to trust YHVH, yes even with our brokenness. He is a good God, a Faithful Father. His plans for us and the work He does in us are always for our benefit. We can trust Him!

Jonah, Jonah – will you allow me to bring out the pain and darkness in you? Will you face it, repent of it and deal with it as I teach you through my Spirit? Jonah, I have a plan with your life – a destiny. No, I don’t want you to be perfect, instead – I want you to carry my identity in all your ways. My plan Jonah, is to bring you closer, so, so close to My heart. I want your spirit to see Me face to face. I want you to rejoice in the midst of the storm. Jonah, there is so much more that I want to bless you with. You have no idea how much I love you. I long for you to bring out the fragrance of My love. I want you to carry that fragrance wherever you go. That is why my dear Jonah, for as long as you carry the smell of the world, I will allow the storms of life to bring the dirt out of you. And in the same storm I will take you to your destiny in Me. In the stormy seas, you will find yourself at another place, bold enough to bring the message of truth to the world.”

Thank you Abba, love to you – Retah and family.


24 Feb - Aldo se briewe

1 You are a bondservant of the anointed Spirit of God.

2 Jesus Christ wants to teach you important lessons of Truth.

3 You are walking in His light, the anointing upon you are supernatural understanding.

4 You truly love this Aldo son. The love that you have for me (Aldo), is truly a great help to me.

5 Blessed are those who trust in the Lord.

6 Ruth, teach people that the wound is in the subconscious mind. (That is why it is so important to pray the Glory Light of YHVH in our subconscious mind. That is where all the programming and demonic estate (epigenetic markers) are paid out. From there it takes control and manipulates your life.)

7 Lilith (Python – Familiar spirit) is the octopus (cloud) over the minds of people. (That is the occult mind programming, demonic estate – curses) that paid out in your life with Lilith the antichrist spirit in control. Addictions , mental illness, flesh sickness, hate, lust, perversion, worry , lies, double life, death, fear, anger, poverty, dishonesty, low self-esteem, abortion of anything you touch, and more).You will walk in that demonic anointing if that cloud is over your mind, and they will control your life. They will feed you a hunger to lust, to lie etc. The demonic ancient human spirits and familiar spirits take over your life, and you live their demonic destiny.

8 You mom, are free from the demonic family estate that paid out on you .The bleeding (suffering) curse ended. We don’t have the family destiny marker upon us anymore. (When you have that epigenetic marker of death that came through your family or you opened the demonic door - surely you pass it on to your children. This curse came in through abortion, killing people, or any blood sacrifice made unto Satan. Blood of innocent people are a blood sacrifice unto Satan, and you open the demonic door to your children to receive the curse of death, and the spirit of death working through them, controlling their lives. This is how any curses came in – through unrepented sin.)

9 Jesus Christ gives you Wisdom. The destiny of the descendants has ended in us. (In your demonic estate that paid out, will be ancient human spirits that want you to live their demonic destiny. They will take control of the steering wheel of your life, and you will be complete out of control. They have to go as soon as there is true repentance and the demonic curse has been broken. Yeshua come and remove them Himself.)

10 Aldo is truly been taught by the Spirit of Wisdom. First he himself suffered, now he can help other.

11 God says, don’t blame others. He says, Aldo, always takes responsibility for what is going on in your life. The strongholds (curses) wanted me to give up. (Doesn’t matter if you have these demonic markers on you, and you feel it is not your fault. You have to take responsibility for your own life, and choose between life and death – blessing and cursing – and what you choose your seed will eat! We have the Blood of Yeshua, and Holy Spirit to help us to get rid of the whole system.)

12 Do you know Mom that everything that happened here on earth is being written in the Book of Life. My crying is over. For years there was a dark cloud over me that said, “This boy should die”. I am so happy that you cursed the death curse over us. You are lush green in the spirit. Years I lived in the valley of death. I was suffocated and the word was epilepsy. (The fruit of Aldo being tormented and suffocated by demons in the spirit was called by doctors epilepsy. That is how we all carry the fruit on the outside of what is happening to us in our subconscious minds. )

13 I see you live an Acts life, Mom. Aldo’s suffering is being delivered. He loves every one of us. The pain that people carry is the destiny of their family curses upon their lives. This young man is so thankful that you have listened to the Spirit of God. Mom, do you know that it is rare, very rare that people get free from these demonic curses. Only because of their unbelief; they don’t want to believe they have this hard curse that is a demonic seal (octopus - cloud) over their minds – that control their lives.

14 Truly you are like Jonah to me Mom. You did not want to listen, till you were shaken by the storms.

15 The mental of people get twisted when the demonic marker – curse pays out. (One moment you had the identity of Christ, and the next moment the coin flip and your life is upside down. You are not yourself, and your life is now a demonic life. The switch was trauma, or anything that is difficult for you. You are blinded and are being fed by the octopus on your mind. They took control of your steering wheel. If you don’t stop the curse and close the demonic doors, your children will be the next to stand in line for the pay-out. )

16 Jonah , Jonah will you go to Nineveh, go and tell them that they have to deal with the demonic markers (estate that paid out )and made their minds twist into darkness. (Repent and Curse the curses) Those curses control them. Yes, it is war – because they don’t want to let go of your life. (You have to let go of the darkness in you, so that they will have no legal grounds anymore). Painful darts needs to be removed by forgiveness. (Because of these curses upon your life, you received wounds, and these wounds stay in place with demonic darts of unforgiveness). You have to honesty live your life in a beautiful light, in a transparent way. Then the octopus on your mind has to go! (Be Holy as I am Holy – says the Lord God Almighty – He knew that then the enemy would not have a hold onto us.)

17 I love Jesus Christ, He says to me; Aldo, Chans are truly happy, you mean so much to her.

My dad (Tinus) loves us so much. He teaches me, ”Aldo, you always have to honour all people.” Yes, I am so happy that the demonic marker of ‘Mara’ ended in Chans. (Chans carried an epigenetic marker- curse of depression that was a huge battle in her life. When the marker paid out on her as a young girl, she picked up a lot of weight. While she had the octopus on her mind the battle was intense, because all her familiar spirits worked through it – and always to harm! But now that she is healed – she lost it all, and the self-pity ‘Mara’ is gone. Today she is a beautiful woman. She overcame!) We are free from the cloud over our minds. Very gently I was freed from the demonic estate of death.

18 Do you realize Mom, our long pain and suffering have ended? Please stay bold, will you for ever stay bold? Just stay in faith, and know that dozens of love is upon you Mom.

(This is a jubilee year, and we can be sure that all the blessings that YHVH has in store will pay out to us. But we can also be sure, that if we do not want to repent, and get rid of these demonic holds over our lives and continue to live a double live, the judgment of YHVH will pay out. We have to get rid of the demonic seed, the double life, and the lukewarm religion. Choose today – so that you and your seed may live!) I rejoice after 11 years of battling. YHVH is a good God! - Never give up! Retah

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