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Strengthen our spirits

7 January 2021

Ephesians 3:14-16 “So, I kneel humbly before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the perfect Father of every Father and child in heaven and on earth. And I pray that He would unveil within you the unlimited riches of His glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with His divine might and explosive power.”

This has been a very difficult December for us. My mom had a severe stroke, caused by a cluster of clots moving through her brain. It left her paralyzed on her right side. She understands what we are saying, but cannot speak. We decided to bring her home to take care of her ourselves. With Aldo we saw that recovery is so much faster when they are surrounded with their loved ones. This is a very humble place, having her completely dependent upon us.

But God! We all know that nothing is impossible for Him.

I think that we all, being confronted with Covid, have a new awareness of the frailty of life. Even those who love God dies of this dark virus!

So how do we start this year? What should be our mindset as we start our journey into 2021? I look at Paul’s life and how he daily prayed for the saints to be made strong in the spirit. This is where true strength is needed the most. What is the use of having physical strength if the spirit is weak?

Samson had physical strength but his spirit was weak. And from his life story we learn that this is a recipe for disaster. When we live relying on our own strength, we will not be able to be sustained in difficult times.

Our Abba Father is waiting for us to daily seek new strength from Him. The truth is there are many mountains, many hills, many rivers to go through. There are many fires of trials – but our answer is always, “But God.” He said that even though we go through the fire we will not be burned! The challenge is that we have to go through it. He promises us that He will protect us – our clothes will not even smell of smoke. Instead, we will carry the beautiful fragrance of being dependent upon Him.

There are many victories to be won this year, many new paths to be walked, many hearts to be changed, much love to be given. The story of our lives just started a new chapter, number 2021 – the year of change!

As I was praying, I heard the Father say:

“I love you so much My child, I want you to become strong and dependent on Me alone. I want to use you even in these difficult times, but your spirit needs to become strong enough to walk these new paths. Your spirit can only be strengthened by My Spirit and My Power. It takes My Holy Spirit to strengthen your spirit.

Allow Me to dwell in you, so that the tree of life will extend its roots deep within your heart. This is the only way you will be able to carry the fruits of salvation.

Be strong My dear child, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Together we will climb these hills, and I will do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask for.

My plans for you are written on your scroll, let’s walk this new chapter step by step, in complete dependence and reliance upon Me.”

Every day as I choose to die to self – I can feel how a veil is coming off of my heart, and that brings me ever closer to our Abba Father’s heart. Let’s hold on, and don’t get weary – it is a new chapter!

I want to thank you all for your support, your love and your kindness towards me and my family.

Thank you that we can walk this journey together, learning together and growing closer together established in Jesus’ heart. Thank you for those who partner with us monthly, as well as those who bless us in such difficult times as the Lord leads you.

We will continue with zoom conferences as long as Covid prevents us from travelling.

I just know one thing – But God! He always makes a way where there seems to be no way.

I love you all, and continue to pray God’s perfect will for your life.

Blessed 2021 my dear friend.

Retah and family

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