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Maturity in Christ

17 December 2021

This is a time of the year that we all stop, look back and reflect on our lives.

We grow up with the mindset that we need to be approved by man, accepted by man, do what man expects us to do, and before we know it we do things to please man and not God. That would be to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

But God in His wisdom gave us free will for a very good reason - and that is to lead us into a mature love relationship with Him. Manipulation and control can never ever produce true love, also not maturity.

Giving us free will is an act of respect, an act of love and it is part of training us to develop into a mature child of God. He never forces us, He never kills us when we make a mistake - in fact He always gives us great grace through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Giving us freedom and a free will give us a chance to mature into the full nature of Christ.

We serve a God that is looking for mature sons, and that was His creative plan.

So, even though darkness covers the earth, God still treats us like sons, and not like babies. In most difficult times, He does not snatch us out of everything, He allows us to grow up and mature.

He demands maturity from us and His heart for us is to love and be loved. Satan closed us in, shut us down, and imprisoned us in pain and disappointment. But God wants us to stand up, forgive, receive healing and freedom as we take His hand and continue to walk with Him through all the trials and tribulations we face.

He is a good God, and He is faithful – let’s use the freedom in Him to choose to grow up in maturity. Mature children of God bring His Kingdom down to earth. Let’s do just that during this time that we have together with our families. Let’s love and let’s appreciate each other.

With that I want to thank you so very much for all your love and kindness to me and my family this year. Thank you for all the emails, blessings, and above all thank you for your prayers. It was not an easy year, BUT GOD!

Thank you that we all grow together as we walk this journey of maturity in Christ. I bless you and your family with covenant favour and blessings of God. May you find rest in His presence.

Our office close today and open again the 10th of January 2022. May 2022 be a year of breakthrough and I believe of God’s Glory to be seen in a greater way than ever before.

From my house to yours - hugs and lots of love.

Retah and family

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