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Healing our DNA

15 September 2021

I greet you from a lovely fresh Stellenbosch. Sometimes I long for Gauteng’s summer evenings but the fresh mornings where I can walk in the mountain are a highlight in my life!

What does your day look like? If it is that we believe Jesus is coming to collect His Bride, what are you keeping busy with?

Many times I hear, “Retah, is the times we’re living in the end times? I want to say “Yes,” because I see so many things parallel to what Revelations speak of. But I cannot help to wonder what the Christians in the time of Hitler and the Third Reich thought, and what about the 25 million lives lost during the Black Death in 1347 – 1352?

We see that the 21st century does not have the monopoly on death, disaster, devastation, terror or pandemics. Throughout time people have lived through tragic situations.

So what does Christ expect from you and me - how to react to this? Peter answered straight and said, “We are called to practice holiness and do good to others wherever and whenever we can.”

John 9:4 – “While we have day …… do the works of God.”

I had a dream where I was in a very big battle. There was lots of ammunition, lots of stored food, and people screaming. They ran around, hysterical. There was a battle with the dark creatures. They could touch the dark in people and through that obtain the power to take over.

John 14:30 was the scripture that came to me: “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.”

John says the amount of light in us is the amount of life in us – and so we see that the amount of darkness in us is the amount of death in us. Death can be written on our DNA, it can be inherited, and for that Jesus Christ died.

Luke 9:36-43

I see how Jesus dealt with the tormented child. I believe that a generational demon came in the child’s generation. Because of unrepented sin, covenants with the familiar spirit, this spirit could enter and establish himself in the family. In this case the child became the victim of an unclean familiar spirit. We know that unconfessed sin creates an open door for darkness to enter in and bind itself to the DNA of the family bloodline.

At this weekend’s SA Online Spirit School and next weekend’s USA Online Spirit School, I would like to talk about how to deal with our DNA and that which pays out. Am I dancing on God’s melody, or on the dark scroll of my DNA?

I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Also very thankful to President Ramaphosa that we will be able to hold Spirit Schools in Bloemfontein, Paarl and Pretoria DV.

Thank you for taking our hands and learning together to prepare for the day when Jesus comes to take us.

Love and peace

Retah and family

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