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Spiritual laws to hold onto in challenging times

31 October 2019

Acceptance brings peace:

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you fight the reality that you face? You try everything, until you realize the truth is ... there are just some things in life that you cannot change. Only God can change it, or give you the strength to endure it. You can only surrender to God. I have learned to embrace life’s situations asking God to use it for His glory. And I have seen how these situations changed me.

In our journey with Aldo, we had to learn that God isn't a bad God just because things don’t look the way we would want them to. We had to learn to make the most of every minute, being it good or bad. And if I feel sorry for myself, I have just missed a wonderful moment – given to me by God, to bring out the best in me.

I have learned to live the truth of my situation and to still embrace who we are. Don't be ashamed because your mountain is a rocky one.

God is busy training your spirit to climb higher and to remain solid in the midst of challenges. Few people climb when things are tough – they rather camp out in self-pity and tears. But it is in the climbing of the mountain that your spiritual muscles are formed. One step at a time. You have to continue the race; you have to finish the race. Even in accepting that your race looks different than those around you.

I have seen many people in life that have everything they could ever want, but still has very little spiritual capacity and spiritual muscles.

Start thanking God for your mountain, because He is right there with you, cheering you on!

Remain grateful:

The best in you is revealed when you start thanking God in the midst of difficulty. In the world we live in, it is so easy to become entitled and walk around with a sense of indignation – how could this happen to me. Thinking that life, people and God owe you something. In this condition, you lose sense of the things that really matter. I look at our situation in South Africa and see a nation on their knees. This is a beautiful fragrance unto God, one of dependency on God, gratitude for provision, thankfulness for safety and the gift of life!

Serving without expecting something in return:

If you want to move to the next level of true selflessness, start serving without expecting something in return. I think that Jesus alone can build these stones in us. But, there is also nothing so ugly as people receiving kindness and goodness from others and taking it for granted.

We have to consider our attitude for both sides of the coin.  If you receive, make sure that you also give. I believe the reward for loving is love. And the reward for being of service is paying it forward. Serving others makes you an instrument for God. It is in the giving that we receive.

To live in the present brings peace:

I have to remind myself, daily, that there is a treasure to be found in every situation – even in every person! I believe that the treasure within all of us – is the real you.

Every spiritual journey is designed to help you find "the real you".

There are pathways to living life in abundance – these include making Him King of kings and Lord of lords over everything in your life. Learning to like, accept, embrace and love yourself – celebrating His design of you and; faithfully and diligently climbing your mountain with grace.

I often have to minister when we are facing very challenging situations with Aldo. As I bring my heart before my Abba, I hear Him saying, "Do it with grace, without fear, or shame – because I AM holding you in the palm of my hand. Rather go out there, fight your giants and climb your mountain – it is better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.”

Be courageous:

It takes courage to face your mountain, it takes courage to pack your bags and start climbing your mountain daily. It takes courage to gaze deep within yourself and face the giants within.

It takes courage to silence the voices of fear and discouragement within you – the generational voices of doubt whispering deep within you, wanting to lure you off the mountain and away from your destiny.

On the journey we sometimes get tired, so much so that you end up on your face. The load is just so heavy. Just look around, you will find a trading floor. This is where we can trade those old generational sounds of discouragement with the Blood of Jesus. This is where you can stop and lay everything down at His feet. This is where you ask for direction and strength. He is faithful and will guide your steps and renew your strength. On your knees, you can hear His words of life –nurturing your weary body, soul and spirit. 

His name is Jesus Christ.

He waits for us to surrender all; and to thank Him in the midst of what we face. This is where we get transformed from glory to glory. Surrender to His deep work within you. The proof will be seen in the grace of how we climb this mountain. Not IF we climb the mountain, but how.

Let’s run the race of faith my dear friend.

Thank you so, so very much to all my dear friends in the USA.

Thank you for your love and kindness.

What a privilege to build His kingdom on earth, together.

I am safely home, ready to pack my bags again and leave to minister close to the Zimbabwean border, this weekend.

Let’s run the race of faith.

Retah and family

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